Winterize Your Wardrobe Without Buying a Whole New Wardrobe

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rather than going out and buying all new additions to your wardrobe for the colder weather, make some smaller purchases that will allow you to utilize your fall and spring (and even summer) wardrobe.

1. Scarves

photo by Mmm...Fiber!via PhotoRee

Get several fashion scarves in different colors and use them to add warmth to your neck when wearing a lower cut top.  This means you can wear a thin Spring or Fall top and just add the scarf.  Scarves are an easy to wear accessory and there are so many different ways to wrap and tie them.
2.  Layering

photo by brookesbvia PhotoRee

If you have an open knit Fall or Spring sweater, simply throw on a cami underneath.    You can also utilize blazers and jackets (leather, tweed, etc.) to help keep you warm and give you a more Winter appropriate look.

3. Boots and boot socks

photo by mezonevia PhotoRee

The beauty of boots and boot socks is that they keep your legs and ankles warm AND they look amazing.  Also, if your boots are long enough you can sometimes wear capris or shorter pants underneath that don't actually come the whole way to your ankles.  Who would know?!

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