I'm on the Right Financial Track for 2013 Thanks to The Budgetnista

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Back in the beginning of Fall, I read a book called The One Week Budget by The Budgetnista.  I thought I knew a lot about my finances...until I read that book.  It put everything into perspective in an easy, realistic way.  I immediately took Tiffany's advice and began writing out my monthly budget.  She has great templates to give you inspiration for setting up your own budget.  I did mine in Excel, and then (and this is my favorite thing I learned to do from this book) I had to categorize each expense as something I couldn't change, I could change, or I could DRASTICALLY change. It really helped me break everything down and minimize my costs, and then I had to account for every dollar that I could and even set some aside for savings. I ended up cancelling a tanning package to save some money.  I have no clue how I was getting by before.  

Also, Tiff sent me this awesome Budgetnista pack below, it came with bracelets, a note from her, her book, business cards, some Budget tips, and these little stickers to put on your credit cards so that you stop yourself from using them!!

Financial peace is 20% guidance and 80% work and this book gives you the full 20% guidance you need to get on the right track. I love the simple, easy to use forms that inspired me to create my own and use formulas to get totals. I read this book in October and since then, I made my final car payment in December after getting the motivation from this book! I will have all of my (extensive) debts paid off within the next 18 months. Tiffany wrote a great book and puts everything into perspective, even how she has had financial struggles. I seriously LOVE this book and I will read it again and again and I consider it a very important financial tool. If you read this book, you will have the basic layout and motivation to go ahead on your path down to budget-friendly, debt free living!

You can literally get this book for under $5 on a kindle, or for under $10 hard copy!

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  1. How cool! Great package too!

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