My New Verizon iPhone5 & the BEST Customer Service EVER!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So for the past (almost) 2 years, I've had an HTC Thunderbolt from Verizon.  I was skeptical to get the iPhone when Verizon first came out with it, just in case there were bugs, etc.   Well,  fast forward to now....  ever since August I've been frustrated to tears over my Thunderbolt.  Maybe it's just bad luck, I donno, but it was to the point that my flash on my camera didn't work, the touch screen lagged, the power button stopped working, if I held the phone in my hand and bumped the side of the screen it would reset the phone, and plenty more things. It was BAD!  It really did not help my anxiety. 

Now, I have a Macbook Pro so it makes more sense for me to get an iPhone because they are more compatible with each other, but the only thing I was afraid of was the expensive phone, mixed with a ton of fees and plan changes and data usage, etc, etc, etc.  Ahhhh!!

So I happened to tweet about some frustrations about my phone and that I couldn't wait to switch to the iPhone5, and that's when Verizon AL tweeted me, offering to help me upgrade (even though it was a week early, we could get started) and find the best deal.  Right away I was floored.  I NEVER have had a cell phone company or store ever reach out to me like that.  

After a few phone calls with Shawn from the Verizon store, my iPhone5 was on it's way to my house.  It was super easy to get my options set up.  I wasn't poked or prodded into saying yes to anything I didn't want.  I didn't need unlimited data and I like the minutes I have.  I wanted insurance and I got it.  Simple as THAT!  I got it on a Thursday and called the store to have it activated.  They were waiting on my call so when the phone rang, they saw my number and instead of "Hello" I was met by "Ready for your new phone?!"!  I was so happy. 

Honestly, if you need help with your plan or it's time to upgrade... I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend contacting Shawn or any of the great folks that work with him by reaching out via Twitter, Facebook, or their website.   You can even tell them that Ellen sent you!


  1. Love this! I did the same thing about my Time Warner Bill, i just tweeted my frustration and Boom had a phone call! Love social Media! Glad you got your iPhone!!! Iphone buddies

    1. I love your financial break down. I am going to do it with my credit cards and go from there. But does Verizon Al have a last name or contact number for reach him. I don't tweet. Thanks for your info and help.

  2. I realize it's been awhile since you posted this, but I only have Facebook. Is there another way to contact Verizon AL? I don't tweet and his/her website isn't currently working.
    Thanks SO much!!


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