Pawbox Review

Friday, January 25, 2013

Pawbox is a monthly subscription program for you and your pet that sends out a monthly box full of goodies including toys, treats, and health supplies.  It's a great way to get new goodies each month without having to break the bank at the pet store, plus who ISN'T excited about receiving surprises in the mail!?

Inside this Pawbox was the following:

Simple Green BIO DOG:

THis stuff is great because it gets rid of stains and odors and you can use it on almost any surface such as carpets, rugs, upholstery, and even your dog's bed.  I used it on troublesome areas where my dogs have had accidents and they tend to repeat the accidents.  Since using it, there have been no more accidents!

My Doggy Bite Cookies:
My dogs absolutely loved these.  They are all natural treats made from high quality ingredients so they promote good coat and nails and overall good doggy health!!

This was too cute because it was a little corn on the cob shaped dental dog chew that's made from natural ingredients and gives your dog the benefits of real vegetables.  Grace snatched this up and enjoyed it the rest of the night!

These are a necessity in my home and it's great to have more of them.  It makes brushing my dog's teeth much easier and they have better breath!

Toy of the Month:
The Toy of the Month was a tennis ball with a rope through it and my dogs enjoyed playing with it for hours on end!  Tug of war is so cute to watch when it comes to Chihuahuas!!!

Pawbox is only $10 a month and that includes shipping.  It's also a great gift idea!!!

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  1. this is the "day of the dog" I am running a give-away today on Dakota's blog for something similar :)


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