My Sentimental Quilt from Project Repat

Monday, January 14, 2013

It's a common problem for many of us fashionistas.... we simply have too many tshirts with silly, sentimental, or fun graphics on them.  It's a waste to throw them out, and sometimes you wonder if anyone else would ever want them if you donated them.  Well, that's where Project Repat comes into play.  Project Repat allows you to preserve your tshirt memories by sending you a tiny box that contains instructions and an envelope inside that you can put your shirts in and send back to them.  They then make a quilt out of your shirts, using the images and logos from them. 

There are many options for different sizes of quilts.  Depending on the size you want and whether you want it double sided, or one sided with fleece, they specify the number of shirts they need from you.  Project Repat is 100% American and they create jobs and products in the US, so this should make you feel pretty good about what you are about to do with them.

I selected to get a 5x4blanket with fleece on the back.  I was even able to select the color fleece I wanted.  I had to submit about 20 shirts to Project Repat.   But before I tell you how it went let me tell you about the shirts I sent it.  Several years ago I lost my very very very best friend ever.  She was like a sister to me and my life literally has not been the same since I lost her.  Everyday is somewhat of a struggle to get through life without her. Well, I had many shirts from her that were given to me after she passed, and some I had from what she gave me over the years.  Often, she'd let me borrow a shirt or sweatshirt then later tell me to keep it.  It was very very very hard for me to actually let these go.  They had been sitting in a box in my room forever.  I even had them in plastic bags to preserve her smell.  I decided to keep just a few shirts still so I'll have her smell, but I had to part with these.  After 2 days of forcing myself to send them in, I did it.  I even submitted a note that said what part of each shirt to use.

After a few weeks I received my blanket in the mail.  I was very pleased with how people from Project Repat kept me up to date on the status of my order and when it was shipped.  The shirts I sent in meant so much to me so the worst thing would have been to have no idea where they currently were. 
I can not believe how gorgeous my quilt was when I got it.  I literally began yelling and shouting.  I was so excited and so shocked at how well everything was put together, even better than I had imagined it. It's so so soft to the touch and the fleece is amazing and it's great to wrap around myself as I walk around the house, watch movies, or just to hang over the foot of my bed.  I was so touched by how everything was done so carefully.  They were able to stretch parts (see pictures above) where the fabric was bunched, cinched, sewn, or hemmed and make it in to the perfect square. This is one of my most prized posessions now and I can't even begin to explain the sentimental value behind it.  Someday I may display it on my wall but for now I like cuddling with it whenever I am in a sad mood, miss my friend, or just tired and need a nap. 

And guess what, there is now a Groupon code for Project Repat. It's 50% off! It won't be around forever so claim the code now!

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