My Happiness Project - April - Lighten Up - COMPLETE!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

photo by caucasvia PhotoRee

My Happiness Project for the month of April was to Lighten Up.

Here were my goals and here's what I did with achieving them. 

Ways I will do this are:
1. Take my own advice
2. Be realistic!!
3. Give myself more credit

1. Take my own advice.
I have begun listening to what my brain is thinking about certain situations and I don't second guess it now.  I've trained myself to do it as instinct so hopefully I can keep it up from now on.  When anxiety has set in over the past month, I've literally talked myself through it!

2.  Be Realistic.
I am more positive and realistic when it comes to what I worry about.  Worrying doesn't solve anything anyways, it only makes it worse!   I make sure that I just take a look back at my past and see how everything always worked out in my favor, so why would it not continue to do so?

3. Give myself more credit.
I need to be more proud of myself for how strong I am and how smart I am when it comes to the decisions I make.   I have been hard on myself for a while now about certain things and I need to just stop and realize, I am doing my best already!  I did this by literally saying to myself, I AM AWESOME! lol, hey it worked though! 

Check back tomorrow for May's Happiness Project which is to Be Serious About Play!  

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