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Friday, April 5, 2013

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Sachi Bags are a great way to make eating healthy and saving money more stylish.  I am a huge advocate of saving money by packing a lunch.  Not only is it healthier but you save money each time. I really love the fact that I can save money and eat healthy in a very convenient way.  I pack my lunch everyday.  I make sure that every night my lunch bag is prepared for the next day.  I can't even remember the last time I bought lunch during the day at work. 

Sachi Bags are the reason I still will continue to pack my lunch as long as I work, because I was always struggling with a sturdy, durable, easy to carry, and FASHIONABLE lunch bag.  I found durable ones but they were always bulky with too short of straps and I couldn't stand some of the embarrassing designs they had on them.    Sachi Bags has convinced me to not lose hope - fashion and convenience can still be a part of my everyday lunch now because they offer a line of insulated bags that come in a variety of styles and a huge selection of colors and designs.  The styles are so modern, most of them resembling handbag styles.  How can you even know these bags are not regular purses when you see them on someones arm?!   These not only would be a fun way to pack a lunch but if you are going to a picnic or somewhere you need to bring some cold foods and drinks along, you can carry them in a cute designer-inspired insulated bag.

I received a beautiful Sachi Bag and just by bringing it to work the very first day, I actually inspired my coworker to purchase one for herself.  She was so excited because she had been looking for the PERFECT lunch tote for ages!  My favorite thing about my Style 154-183 Sachi Bag is that it has long handles so it's easy to throw over my shoudler when my hands are full.  Everyday I go into work carrying my work bag, purse, and lunch tote so sometimes it's nice to be trying to balance everything on my forearm for a change.  This tote is so roomy.  It measures 15.80" x5.80" x10.80" and the bright Blue Paisley designs is so pleasant to look at, and you can't even really tell it's not an actual handbag!!  The thermal interior zips closed and does a great job of keeping my protein shake and string cheese cool till I can get to work and use the refrigerator.  There's also a top padded pocket that can easily fit a tablet PC (or my iPhone!) and the backside pocket has a zipper for you to slide you work badge, keys, or money into.  This bag is so nice to fold and store when not in use and I must say, I am even more proud now to show off my lunch-packing, healthy-eating, money-saving habit!

One winner will receive a Sachi Bag in the same style and design that I did!

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  1. I love Sashi bags! I hope I win!!!!

  2. I love Sachi! They stay cold forever! Beautiful design and great function!

  3. like this one
    Faux Ostrich, Cognac

  4. I love the orange red tote - Style 11-159

  5. I like the bling bag in any color

  6. I like the Classic Style 11-162 tote. The colors are bright and cheery.

  7. I like the Classic Style 11-162 tote. The colors are bright and cheery.


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