10 Things I Splurge On & 10 Things I Save On

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

When it comes to saving money, I always try to cut back on expenses by purchasing generic brands when possible.  There are some things that I won’t sacrifice my brand name for.   So, I’ve listed them here and I’ve also listed 10 things I will buy generic!

I also must add, it’s hard for me to use coupons because when I do the math – the coupons are for the name brand items and even with the coupon discount you can still pay less if you just buy generic. 

Things I WON’T Buy Generic and Why:

1.Lotion Tissues – I buy Puffs because personally the Kleenex brand isn’t as soft, and any generic brand just hurts my darn nose.  However, I’ve actually started using hankerchiefs which saves money AND my nose!

2.String Cheese – I will not buy generic brand string cheese because everytime I have, I haven’t enjoyed the taste and I always struggled to peel it easily!

3.Dog Food – I feed my dogs high quality food just as I consume high quality, natural, healthier foods.

4. Conditioner & Shampoo – I have learned that you get what you pay for and the only products that aren’t harmful to your hair are ones with all natural ingredients, and you can’t findt hat with store brands , at least not at my stores!

5.Perfume – I find that anytime I buy a cheap fragrance, it’s full of water and alcohol and it doesn’t stick to my skin so it’s basically a waste of money.

6. Q-tips – This may sound silly but I’ve found that the generic ones don’t stay together and they kind of unravel in your ear!

7.Vitamins – I have found that when I buy a high quality brand of vitamins, they actually seem to do their job more than the $5 or less brands!

8.Contact Solution – My eyes are super sensitive so I stick with what I’ve always used especially because my eyes are all I have!!!

9.Chapstick – The bigger brands always work better than the cheapo ones and I’ve also found that they don’t dry my lips out more!

10.Deodorent – Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve tried different brands and I stick with the one that works best for me, regardless of price.

10 Things I will buy Generic

1.K-Cups – The generic brands taste just as good

2.Cereal – It’s nearly impossible to find a healthier cereal in a generic brand so I usually splurge in the healthier food/organic aisle on cereal but I still find off-brands.

3.Cleaning products – When I just need a basic multipurpose cleaner or glass cleaner, I just head to the dollar tree to stock up!

4. Hand soap – It’s not hard to find store brand hand soaps for $1 or less.

5.Bottled Water – Uhh, obviously because it’s cheaper and it’s still water.

6.Paper Plates – They might be a bit thinner than other brands but the store brand of paper plates gets the job done for me! I also find that you get more for your money.

7. Toilet Paper – I honestly think the price of toilet paper these days is ridiculous so I always make sure to look for the cheapest price for the amount I get on each roll.

8.Tape and Staples – The store brands always work just as great as any name brand when it comes to office supplies like this.

9.Condiments – I find that the off brands taste no different than the big brand names so I’ve always bought generic!

10.Loungewear – I buy the cheapest I can find, simply because who CARES!  It’s just stuff I wear to bed or to be lazy around the house.

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  1. I hear you on the shampoo and conditioner! It's a lesson we all learn the hard way lol Thanks for sharing :)


    1. LOL i know i always regret bad decisions like that haha! Thanks for reading!

  2. I know it varies from State to State,. and we don't live in the same State. But, often if you combine a sale item (brand name) with a coupon for that item, that makes it cheaper than the generic. Especially if you have stores that double coupons. There are two major chains where I live that double coupons all the time (up to $1).

  3. I do a gree on the shampoo and conditioner and perfume. Eww I hate those watery alcoholic EdT, just a waste of money :-)

    I just read through a lot of your articles and they are so interesting and practical. You have a new follower on bloglovin :-)


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