I Actually Enjoy Cooking Now

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Last week I got to try out this new thing called Dream Dinners.   It was a little PA Bloggers meet up and it was a BLAST!   Dream Dinners is a food prep type of thing where you can choose from a menu and then go in, prepare your food, and take it home to freeze until you eat.

Meal prep in action!

Who is it good for?
Dream Dinners is great for busy parents, busy individuals, or people that aren't a fan of shopping and prepping meals.  
Frozen Meals already prepared

You actually save money if you use Dream Dinners because you don't have to buy all the supplies in whole.... like an entire onion when you just need a quarter slice of it. 

You also save time and energy. Rather than having to clean your kitchen, prepare food, cook it, then clean again.... the food is already ready to be cooked so it does save time and hassle on your end.

It's also healthier and portioned better.

My Meals

The first was Parmesan Herb Crusted Chicken and Almond Green Beans.

I just had to coat the chicken

And cook the beans
And voila! This was absolutely delicious. The chicken was so tender and melted in my mouth! 

Next up was Cheddar Filled Mini Meatloaves and Potatoe Pancakes.

Here you can see how everything is bagged after I prepped it in the store
This one was kind of fun to make beacuse I had never done it before!  I thought it would be super involved but really it took maybe ten minutes before I popped it in the oven.

These reminded me of hash browns!

And here we go!  This was super filling but absolutely delicious! A great winter meal!

Then came Terracotta Chicken with Pita and Hummus.

It was fun to cook the chicken.. yes I actually said that!

Such a delicious and filling meal!

And of course the last meal I had was Ravioli Bake.

Overall, I loved this experience.   It was easy, convenient, and for someone that is NOT a fan of cooking, I actually enjoyed it. I guess really, it's not cooking that annoys me, just the hassle of meal prep.  Thank you Dream Dinners for the wonderful experience!

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