How I Decorate My Bedroom

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

So a lot of people ask how I organize my room.... I'm living back at my parents' for now so my space is limited.  I love being more of a minimalist but that can be really hard sometimes so I do my best.  I try to make it fun by adding pretty decorative items but not overdoing it.

On my dresser I keep my makeup brushes, some currently used perfumes, and some bracelets.  I use decorative canisters to display them all. 

The deer head is from Target and I am obsessed with it! I use it to hang my bracelets as well!

Some of the room decor I have is things that completely go with my personality.  Pretty jars can double as storage (which I love to organize with!) so that's a win-win for me.  The jars are from Jars by Monica!
I like to stay very organized with my planner, which is a Filofax.  Obviously I have several so I like to keep them on display on my shelves.
When it comes to books, I embraced minimalism last year, so I only keep the ones I absolutely love. All others I try to just read a digital copy.  I like to display my books by category. I'm not finished organizing them yet but the one category I did finish is Buddhism themed books. And I decided to display them with my Buddha statue which I also use to store and display my mala meditation beads.

I also keep the makeup I use most often in a little acrylic drawer set on my dresser.

And there are my decorative jars again!   

So what do you think?

 photo Screenshot2014-01-05at102823PM_zps73241dbc.png


  1. I think it is perfect and suits you! It is so feminine without being over-the-top or sickeningly tasteful and beautiful!

  2. My jars hehe yay!!! I'm glad you like them so much :)


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