2 Outfits with Chicwish

Thursday, February 6, 2014

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Chicwish has some really trendy indie designs when it comes to fashion and I love the vintage-inspired and handmade collections.  Their indie designers always get new ideas from the lifestyle blend of the East and West locations all over the world.  All their items are hand selected to insure quality and uniqueness!

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I got to style 2 tops from Chicwish.  The first was the Sequins Perfume White Sweater.  I paired it with some combat boots and leather leggings.  I really loved

Chicwish, Fashion, Outfit Ideas, outfit of the day, Outfits,

The other item I received was the Flower Crochet Knitted Top.  I decided to spice this outfit up a bit by pairing it with camo pants and black boots!   
Chicwish, Fashion, Outfit Ideas, outfit of the day, Outfits,

I really love the back too, it's lacey and almost sheer.

 photo Screenshot2014-01-05at102823PM_zps73241dbc.png


  1. I love the love potion look! You're adorable. c:


  2. love both outfits but that perfume sweater might be my fave - so cute!
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  3. I have that same sequin sweater, I featured in a post a couple weeks I go! LOVE it!


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