5 Things I Did to Make My Hair Grow Long

Monday, February 17, 2014

I used to have the absolute worst time getting my hair to grow long and stay long.   At my most recent trip to see Paula, my hairdresser, she told me my hair was in really good shape.  I was shocked.  She even asked what I had been doing to it because it was so healthy.  That got me thinking and I decided to make a post about what I actually did to get my hair healthy, long, and beautiful!

1.Folic Acid Supplements
I heard of pregnant women taking folic acid as a supplement because their hair sometimes got brittle, dry, and unhealthy while pregnant.  After a few friends told me they use it solely for their hair even though they aren’t expecting, I went ahead and got a bottle from the grocery store.   I just take a folic acid vitamin every morning with my other pills and I have to say not only are my nails stronger but my hair is much less brittle.  No more breakage!

2.I only wash my hair 3 times a week
It started because of my busy schedule but now it’s part of my regular routine.  I don’t wash my hair every day, and while I still shower, I just put a shower cap over my ponytail.  Washing my hair everyday strips the oils so it becomes dry and then it gets greasy as it tries to moisturize itself.  Now that I only do it three times a week, I have no more dry scalp and no grease in between washes.

Not only does cutting back on hair wash days cut back on the amount of damage I do to it, but it actually prevents me from using excessive heat on it everyday.    Think about it, if you’re blow drying your hair everyday you’re using heat on it.  And if you have to flat iron it after you dry it, there you go again times 7!    Not to mention, you will save money on shampoo, conditioner, styling products, and electricity!

3.When I do wash it, I’m careful what products I use
When I shop for shampoos and conditioners I reach for the organic and all natural ones that say paraben and sulfate free.  Sure they cost a bit more but it’s because they have higher grade ingredients.  It’s totally worth it and makes a huge difference with my hair.   In fact, since I don’t use a harsh shampoo that dries out my scalp and hair, my hair hasn’t been breaking as much.

4.I don’t brush it as often as it looks like I do
Here’s the thing about breakage, not only can it happen from styling, heat, and brushing, but it makes your hair shorter since it..well, breaks off.   And here’s the other thing, if you have healthy hair, then you won’t have tangles and snags from split ends that need brushed out.  My hair is sleek and shiny and smooth and I get it trimmed every 3-4 months.  As long as I keep up with my split ends, I really don’t need to brush my hair except as I blow dry it straight.  Other than that, I just run my fingers through it to make sure it isn’t all over the place. 

5.I go easy on the color
Well, as easy as I can go with getting it colored. I get it done at a salon so they can properly dye and care for my hair.  At home dye jobs are okay I guess, but they always dried my hair out more than a salon dye job.  If you have to dye it, don’t try to go 100 shades lighter, instead get some highlights, and make sure you let your stylist do it so she can add any conditioning treatments after she rinses your hair!   

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  1. Awesome advice! Thanks a ton for sharing!! c:


  2. I know that you workout--how do you handle that with the 3x/week hair washing? I try to put some space in between washing, but when I workout every day I feel like I have to wash my hair every day. Any advice? Thanks!

    Polished Portland

    1. Well, I tie my hair up and then i would put a sweat band on. Then right after my workout I would spray dry shampoo in my hair to absorb all the oil and/or sweat. If you go to the blog Skinny Runner, she runs everyday and she washes her hair very few timse a week and she's a great example of how it's definitely possible to look good still.

      Also, I found that after about two months, my hair didn't get as greasy from working out :)


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