A Guy's Guide: 10 Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Monday, February 3, 2014

Guys always scramble to think of something special to do for their lady, whether it's for a special occasion or just because.   It's really not that hard to figure something out and you can pretty much base that on the type of gift you want to get.  

So I've split this list into 3 categories; Practical, Romantic, and Sentimental. 

PS - Ladies, share this with your man!


1. A Gift Certificate for a Spa Day

Every girl LOVES to be pampered, and rather than just a massage, look for a package (Hershey Spa has some great ones!) where your lady can get a massage, a lunch, and relax ALL day in her robe!    

2. Hair Salon/Nail Salon Gift Certificates
This is a great way to help your girlfriend/wife out with the regular expenses of looking fabulous.  Find out what hair salon and nail salon she goes to and get a gift certificate so she can get her hair colored/cut on YOUR tab next time.  You can call the salon she goes to, tell them who you are, and ask if they can tell you who she sees and then you can ask her stylist what she normally gets done so you know the ballpark figure you should put towards a certificate. 

3. A Gift Certificate for her Favorite Brand
Is she obsessed with a specific designer of shoes, handbags, or jeans?   Find out!   Before you freak out thinking you would have to fork up the money for a new Coach bag, consider getting her a gift card ($50, $100) to put towards her next purchase for herself!


4. Jewelry/Dinner/Flowers Combo
No woman will ever complain when she comes home to a surprise cooked meal (or get take out from a local restaurant and have it all set up on the table) and a candle lit room with a bouquet of roses waiting for her.   And to top it off, a beautiful bracelet or necklace (Tiffany's has them for Just over $75) in a nice blue box.  

5. An overnight getaway at a Bed & Breakfast
 Resorts and B&B's make great getaways.  I cherished every moment of my stay at Bear Creek Resort. You might have to plan ahead for this one and make sure she tells you a free weekend she has, but plan for a one night getaway at a bed and breakfast, even if it's just an hour or two away.  No cell phones or Facebook for the time you're together. Enjoy a nice dinner, a romantic cottage- setting, and a hearty breakfast for just the two of you.  

6. A NICE FANCY Dinner Date
You know those restaurants that you play a lot per plate for but the foods totally worth it? Yea, somewhere like that.  Call and make reservations (like today!!!) , tell your lady she'll need to dress for the occasion, and make sure you bring a simple bouquet (doesn't have to be roses) and a sweet card (write in it!!!) to top off the night!  

7. A Pampered Night 
No girl will complain if she gets a whole night dedicated to her.... draw her a warm bath with candles and rose petals and then rub her feet and her back.   Seriously...don't just do it for 10 minutes, make it a whole night thing, just like she'd get at a spa! That is an amazing gift! 


8. A Personalized Gift
Things Remembered is always a wise choice for personalized gifts.  You can get her a necklace, bracelet, or ring engraved with something sweet.  You can also find things like drink ware, picture frames, and blankets that you can have customized. 

9. A coupon book
Datevitation is a great website to look at for this. You can select all the coupons you put in this such as, a car wash, a home cooked dinner, a foot rub, etc.   Spoil her with acts of love and a certificate to redeem towards each one! I wrote a review on one here.

10. A poem and a hand crafted gift
Do you know how to carve wood, or make sculptures with clay?   Do it!! And write a sweet note or a poem for her.   Does she look decorating her shelves with unique items?  Then make something cool she can decorate with!!! This is super sentimental because it's by you and no one else can give her that! 

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  1. an over night and spa day! what great ideas! they all sound fantastic!

  2. These are great ideas. The romantic getaway to a B and B would be amazing.


  3. Great post. very useful hint!


  4. Thanks for sharing these ideas! I tend to like a more relaxed V-day!

  5. oh Datevitation looks really cool! these are great ideas!

    cute & little

    1. Datevitation is awesome for sure! Very creative and personalized!

  6. These are some great birthday present ideas. I love getting people gifts and I try to be creative when picking out stuff. The holiday season is soon approaching .

    important gift ideas


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