I Get My Cheese on the Side of the Road + I Play With Cows

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ahh did I make you curious as to why in the world I would ever buy cheese on the side of the road?   Well, let me correct the visual that you have right now....

THAT is what I meant.   It's literally a little shed stand on this farm alongside a road in Middletown, PA.   But let me back track...

I was at a wine tasting event at Vineyard at Hershey and I met Kendra. 

Kendra was super friendly and was giving out samples of cheese...her own cheese.  That's right, Jubilee Heritage Cheese is a family farm that makes their own cheese.   Jubilee Heritage Cheese is state certified and all locally farmed.  

I got to try some of their delicious cheese and spreads and I was sold! 

Kendra gave me some simply instructions to get to her farm stand.  So I will share them with you here:

Jubilee Heritage Cheese
1306 Pecks Road
Middletown, PA 17057
717.944.3076 (Kendra Nissley)

It's located 3 mils south of Square of Middletown, PA following 441.

Turn left onto Pecks Road (TMI Training Center) 
They are the first farm on the left.

 When I pulled up I saw a whole lot of those things above!!   

 There was plenty of parking in their little lot in front of the barn.   You just make your way up to the red shed and open it to reveal the fridge! 

Inside you will find all different cheeses and spreads labeled with prices.  

This was our haul!   I am sorry but $3.50 for delicious cheese?   That's a better deal than the less-than-satisfactory cheeses in most supermarkets!!!

Their Cranberry Walnut Cheese Spread was AH-MAZING! Oh, and so was their Bacon Ranch.

Kendra and her family have a house right next to the barn so they can always come out to help you if you need it.  There is a place to put your money inside the shed.  

Oh and if you are wondering how or why I was playing with cows.... 

They were too cute! 

If you live anywhere near central Pennsylvania you must make a trip out to check out Jubilee Heritage Cheese.  They plan to have a Facebook page in the future.  

But for now, if you would like to order anything and arrange for a pick up you can email Kendra at jubileeheritagecheese@gmail.com or call her at 717-944-3076.

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  1. AWE! I grew up on a farm and miss bottle feeding the calves. Good memories.

  2. So neat! I bet it is delicious and fresh!


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