Another Blogging Pet Peeve + My Chihuahua’s tongue sticking out + My 20 Something Article

Friday, February 7, 2014

I know I don’t usually post my personal journal entry type stuff on here, except when there’s some interesting things going on… and there is I suppose. 

I mean the weather has been ridiculously frigid so I’ve just been hanging out inside with the pups.  

Nice tongue


At work, I got rid of some major stress!  its bad enough that people have personal (and business) conversations right in front of my desk like I’m invisible, the phone rings ALL THE TIME, and I’m always getting interrupted by people at my desk …oh and they are short staffed… but to top it all off.. my cell phone gives me anxiety! 

I keep it on silent but it would still vibrate… but how many notifications or messages can one girl get?  Let’s see.. Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Fan Page, Instagram, Comcast email, Gmail email, and my Covet Fashion App! Oh and then of course text messages. Even if I put my phone in my purse I can still hear a faint buzz.   And the thing about the buzz is that you know it’s an alert so it stays in the front of your mind that you have to check it soon, don’t forget! 

Well I’ve taken back my life because I set it to Silent with NO Vibrate now.  Think of it this way.. Whenever I get a free moment I’ll check my phone anyways, so now I can do it on MY terms and not be interrupted by the alert buzz that starts nagging at my brain until I check it!


I was featured on All Groan UP… if you don’t know what that site is, it’s by the guy (Paul Angone) who wrote 101 Secrets for your Twenties.    Well my post is about 8 things you should do as a 20-something. Check it out and let me know what you think! 


Oh, I also got some kick-ass decorative jars from my bbff (best blogger friend forever) Monica from Moda by Monika.   She has an etsy shop called Jars by Monica.   Aren’t these so cute! I can’t wait to show you where I put them!!!!


Um not much exciting here but I can't stand how my Macbook Pro digs into my wrists so I found these on Amazon for like $9.  Ahhh, relief.  

And of course…


I’m only sharing this to help other bloggers this may apply to.  Last time, I bitched about the whole Captchacheck thing.  But lately, when trying to enter giveaways on other blogger’s pages,  it’s extremely frustrating, especially when there are a ton of entries, when you have to follow a page and the link they give you isn’t clickable.   

I usually see this in entries where you have to follow someone on Pinterest, Instagram, or Bloglovin.  It’s probably because Rafflecopter wants you to pay to have a specific entry made in their form template, so I don’t blame anyone for just using the free version. 

However there is a SUPER easy way to fix this… and I’m going to share it with you guys now!

When you go to choose an entry in Rafflecopter when you set up your giveaways, choose “Invent your own Option”. 

Then make a title to describe the entry

Then write your link like this

Follow Ask Away on [Instagram](

You can copy and paste that and just change whats in the brackets and parentheses. 

It will look like this: 

This makes it SO MUCH easier for people to follow you ( I have passed up following people when it becomes difficult for every single entry like that). 

So here is how it looks for people entering: 

And if you are a blogger whose hosting a giveaway event and you created the form and took payments from other bloggers, it’s a great business practice and very professional to promote the other bloggers in the most accessible way possible.  PLEASE CONSIDER CHANGING YOUR ENTRY FORMS GUYS!!! 

So… what have YOU been up to lately?!  

 photo Screenshot2014-01-05at102823PM_zps73241dbc.png


  1. I agree! If the entry isn't clickable I usually don't bother. And love the jars!

  2. Oh yes deff agree on the last one! There is actually a link on there you can click to insert your link, so it's really not that hard to do! And it encourages more people to enter!

  3. Love the 8 Things article.. exciting you were published on that site!

  4. So, Paul Angone?? Um, he was in my youth group in high school! I hadn't heard of the book or his site, but when I read the name, I decided to check it out. Sure enough, I could tell by the picture - that's him! How fun!

    1. that is so crazy! small world!! hes such a nice guy! You should tweet him or leave a comment on his facebook about how u found him again lol!!


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