Meet My Fellow Blogger Megan of On The Fly

Friday, February 21, 2014

If you enjoy my blog then I'm sure you will enjoy the blogs of some friends of mine! This week I'm introducing you to my fellow blogger friend Megan of On The Fly

Hey, all! My name is Megan Tichonevicz and I'm a full-time girl on the go! My blog, On The Fly, is dedicated to providing the latest fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends for your on-the-go life.  I love sharing awesome products, time saving apps and fashion/beauty tips that I find and personally use myself. Every post is designed to make your busy life just a little bit easier and A LOT more fun :)  I'm always up for chatting and collaborating, so let's connect!!

5 Things About Myself

1. I was Captain of my High School's Dance Team. We won National Championship Titles 7 years in a row!
2. I am 100% Penn State proud. Both of my parents attended and my sister is currently in her Junior year.
3. My guilty pleasure: binge watching TV episodes on Netflix. I spent the summer watching all 9 seasons of Grey's Anatomy and I don't regret a single minute of it!
4. I work as an IT Recruiter at Celerity LLC, which was named the 24th Best Place to Work in PA for 2013!
5. I have recently been selected as a Brand Ambassador at EasilyDo- the all in one personal assistant app. Keep an eye out for my Ambassador posts at

Two of My Favorite Posts Are: 
The Fly Lady's Guide to Health & Fitness: With an On The Fly lifestyle, staying fit and healthy can be difficult! Use these tips, apps and challenges to integrate health and fitness into your everyday, busy schedule.

Meet YOUR New Book, Drink & Music Concierges: These apps and websites will help you decide what to read, drink and listen to... all based on YOUR tastes and preferences. It's your very own concierge staff!

Let's Connect!

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