Blogger BFF Dinner with Monica + My Custom Chihuahua Jar

Monday, February 17, 2014

So Sunday night I got to meet up with my Blogger BFF Monica.   I don't know if you remember her but I featured her and her blog Moda by Monika before. 

I showed off some jars I got from her etsy shop Jars by Monica and I am in love with them.  I even got a Tiffanys one! 

I met Monica at LuckyFabb on Day 2. I forget how we first started talking but we quickly learn we had many things in common. 
- We both love cars
- We both love our fur babies
- We both wear clip in extensions
Me and Monica at LuckyFABB

We began chatting and ever since then we've learned that we have a lot more in common.

- We are both down to earth
- We both love Vodka & Cranberry drinks
- We are both independent
- We both have been through some insane struggles in our life but we both have survived and become greater people because of those events. 

I've read many articles from other bloggers like I Wore Yoga Pants about finding your best friend in blog land.  

So after months of chatting, we decided to meet up at a Restaurant called Camillo's in Kutztown, PA since it was about the half way point for us.  She's from New Jersey and I'm from Pennsylvania.  

Our delicious drinks were Strawberry Shortcake Martinis!!   DELICIOUS!!

I got Stuffed Mushrooms as an appetizer and Lobster Ravioli as my entree. 

I had an absolute blast with her.  We got to learn more about each other. We totally relate on so many different aspects in our lives and I feel like she's my long lost sister!   It's very crazy how people can just appear in your life when you least expect it.

I definitely consider her a blogger bestie and real life one too.  We talk almost every day and we totally don't have any awkward moments!

But I saved the best part of this for last. I have bought several jars from Monica from her shop because I absolutely love the detail, look, and quality she puts into them!   Well she showed up for dinner with a gift bag and inside was a little chihuahua stuffed beanie and a jar.   

This was not just any jar.  Monica put four little chihuahuas on this Fur Mama jar, each made by hand with clay.   And they were each customized to look like my fur babies.  I could have cried I was so touched. This is the best most meaningful gift ever! The attention to detail is insane. 

She got all the right marking on Rocky.

She even got Grace's pink nose!

Of course Pixie's tongue is sticking out!

And she got the speckles on Stella's nose!
I am so honored to have an awesome girl like Monica as a blogger bestie AND a real life bestie.  You'll be seeing lots more of her and my adventures on this blog!!  

Do you have a blogger bestie?  How did you meet? 

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  1. Aww I'm in the process of writing my blogger bestie post too :) When I was reading the I wore Yoga pants post I just kept thinking of you the whole time. Crazy how the internet connects people. We have only seen each other in person twice but I feel like your my sister from another mister. Cheers to our many more years!!! (I wish we could cheers with that strawberry shortcake drink hehe)


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