3 Possible Reasons He's Not Asking You Out

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Not every guy is cocky and able to assume that he can land his dream girl… so if he hasn’t asked you out officially yet, don’t freak!   So many women rush things the second they have that "I'm into you and see a future together" chat with their new guy.

  So there isn't a title yet... and given that there are no red flags , he hasn't giving you the "I'm not ready for a relationship" excuse, and you just had the "future" chat with the past few weeks... consider these 3 reasons as some explanation!

1. He is afraid of being rejected.
And who isn’t?  Maybe he just wants to be extra sure that he knows you both are on the same page.  Remember, sometimes our litte "hard to get" games  make a guy really unsure if we are genuinely into him enough to not reject him if he asks us out. 

2. He is smart.
If you’ve only known each other for a matter of weeks, he’s probably smart to want to get to know you a bit better before making it official.
What you can do to speed it up: Spend time with him alone doing activities you can bond over like wine tastings, brewery tours, going on a hike, etc. 

3. He doesn’t realize you aren’t official.
Some guys don’t realize they have to make a big official statement in order to get the relationship deemed OFFICIAL by us. So if you think hes that kind of guy , keep that in mind and ask him what you are.  What's the worst that can happen? Really?!

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  1. I remember having a "define the relationship" talk with a guy years ago. I was head over heels for him (still can't figure out why. We didn't have the same views on anything that was important to me) and just had to figure out where I stood with him and let him know what I wanted. I don't recall any exact words that he said or that I said. All I remember was that his response led to me purposely distancing myself since he was not able to give me what I deserved. On the other hand, thank God for my husband! I met him on eHarmony and probably within 3 dates he told me straight up that he was a one girl kind of guy etc. So, HE actually initiated the talk and now here we are, married!


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