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Friday, April 4, 2014

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In a perfect world we would be able to look young and radiant forever no matter what we do to our skin, but this isn't a perfect world.  However, there are some near-perfect solutions for skincare problems and Morganna's Alchemy is one of them!

It all started when a cosmetic scientist named Maya Hyppolite-Williams (M.A) was asked by her aunt if she could make something to help extend her Botox injections. She wasn't a fan of needles so Maya decided to create an Elixir containing a plant called the "toothache" plant which comes from Africa and anesthetizes the lines and wrinkles on your face safely and naturally.  Once her aunt approve of it, Maya knew she could reach out to other women with similar problems.  

Morganna's Elixir is designed to help with expression lines on skin that's aged 30-50 years.  Expression lines come from the regular faces we make daily and the repetitive movement like smiling, looking puzzled, etc. 
Morganna's Elixir has two different extracts that work together in high concentrations to give great results on even the first day! It contains Paracress extract which is a plant in South America and Africa that when activated will numb the area.  Some people chew it before eating spices so it minimizes the taste of the spice.  This is an Eco certified active ingredient.

It also contains Walnut extract which is harvested from France in an area that's fed by glacier water.  The tree can live over 400 years...hello longevity!   Inside the nut that contains proteins, polyphenols, minerals and vitamins you will find the perfect line of degense against aging! 

With these two combined with other Eco ceritifed oils, you get a safe and effective 90% organic product.

I couldn't believe how well this worked when I first put it on my face.  I could really tell a difference.   Although I'm just 27, my skin has been through a lot (tanning duh!) so I was pleased to see a huge improvement in my forehead lines!

Seriously ladies you NEED this elixir !!!

3 winners will get a jar of Elixir ($59.99 value) of their own!

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