3 Ways to Save Money on Long Term Expenses For Your Dog

Monday, December 22, 2014

When it comes to dogs, the cost of ownership can get really expensive, but if you invest your money wisely and think long term, you can benefit financially.

Here are 3 ways to save money on pet care costs in the long run.

[1] Feed A Quality Food
The first few ingredients on a pet food label are the most important.  They should not include corn, wheat or soy because corn is a filler and the other 2 can cause skin allergies and shedding in most pets.   A higher quality, natural food will actually be more nutritionally dense so it will keep your dog fuller for longer and althought a bag of quality food may cost more at the time, you won't go through it as quickly as "junk food" brands and in the longrun you will save money.  Plus, feeding a healthier food cuts back on vet costs in the long run as well.  Think of all the times people have to take their dog to the vet because of allergies, upset stomach (from dyes), and joint issues.  A quality food will have vitamins and minerals to help support all around health of a pet's entire body.  Personally, I feed my dogs Blue Buffalo.

[2] Oral Health is HUGE
Buy a doggy toothbrush and some doggy toothpaste and make it a point to brush their teeth atleast once a week.  Even if you just get the toothpaste in their mouth and they end up swirling it around, that's fine.   Especially with smaller dogs, oral health can be expensive in the longrun if teeth begin rotting or they get an abscess.  Also, oral health and heart health are linked. Despite all of this, I do recommend at least one full dental cleaning at the vet's office once in your dog's lifetime.

[3] Spay & Neuter
Often times, dogs that aren't spayed or neutered can develop problems or cancers in their sex organs.  It's always a good idea and it also helps them with territorial marking.

What things do you do to save money in the long run on your pet?

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