5 Steps to Safer Road Trips with Pets

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

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The scary and real scenario of a car accident when your pet is in the car with you is something every pet parent has nightmares about.  So when it comes to safety, I always make sure all four of my babies are safely restrained when travelling.    I follow these 5 tips when travelling.

1. Buckle Up
Seatbelts are VITAL. That's why I love the Sherpa Safety Suite.  It fits over a standard dog carrier like the one below and allows me to buckle my pets in.

Sherpa Safety Suite available at Bed Bath & Beyond

It fits into standard carseat safety locks and prevents tipping,sliding, and lateral shifting with it's 6-sided restraint system. It's safety tested too. It's so easy to put in and I know that if something happens, I took the extra steps to ensure doggy safety.

2. Potty Breaks
Just like humans, dogs need potty breaks too. Make sure you have a leash to hook your pet up to when you are letting them find a place to go.  And of course, only let your dog use the potty in a pet-friendly area.  Use common sense :)

3.  Pack Snacks and Fresh Water
Especially if you are going on a long road trip with your pets, always make sure to pack some snacks and fresh water that you keep up front, or easily accessible. You can easily purchase and on the go mobile dog water bottle/dish for easy packing.  

4. Dress for the Weather
I mean your pet, not you!  If it's frigid cold out, your pet may get cold in the backseat, so make sure to pack a blanket or a doggy coat!

5. ALWAYS Restrain Pets
I see some people travel with little dogs in a carrier but they don't bring a collar, harness, or leash. It's absolutely vital to bring those things. You never know what situation may come up where you need to have your dog properly restrained. 

What tips do you have for travelling with pets?

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  1. I LOVE that you do these posts! I cannot stress enough how important it is to buckle up your pet!! In the event of an accident, anything in your vehicle that is not strapped down can become a dangerous projectile-including your passengers and pets! Please buckle them in!

  2. I don't have a dog but i really want one...

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