How To Get Your $h!t Together in 2015

Monday, December 29, 2014

We say it EVERY YEAR, that we are going to get our crap together and be better, healthier, stronger, and happier in the new year.   But of course it's easier said than done.  So I put together a list of things that everyone can choose to work on to make not only a better world around you, but a better person inside and out.

//Be More Active
[]Whether you start running a mile each day or you just take 10 flights of stairs every morning and evening at work, start being more active than you already are. 
[]Go out and shop for some workout clothing so you look forward to everything more. 
[]Start scheduling your days and weeks out so that you write down what you want to do and when.  
[] Use a fitness journal to track all of your activities. It helps hold you accountable and it makes you feel so accomplished! You can buy an actual fitness journal at the store, or just start keeping a log in a notebook you already own. Write down what you did, when, for how long, and how it made you feel before during and after. 
[] Go out and get the equipment you need to stay active like a bike, weights, or rubberbands.  You can't be more active if you don't have the supplies you need.  I find that using a jumprope makes me enjoy fitness more so I made sure to go buy one from the store. 

//Be Healthier
[]Start logging what you eat in a food journal.  Write down what you ate, how much, when you ate it, and how you felt that day.  This also helps you notice patterns in your life. 
[] Stop buying preserved foods that are loaded with icky things.  Stay away from boxed and frozen foods and either buy fresh or learn to cook so you can eat things in the purest form.
[]Take multivitamins. Seriously. 
[] Stop washing your hair everyday and take more vitamins to help it grow. Also, stop using heat on it all the time. Even I do it, and I blogged about how I run daily and keep a minimum hairwash routine
[]Work on cutting back on any unhealthy habit like smoking or drinking excessively.

//Be Financially Healthy
[] Get on a Budget. Remember, budgets aren't for broke people, they are for smart people that manage their money and control where every dollar goes. 
[] Use a cash envelope system. You are much more likely to spend impulsively when you use cash versus a debit card.  Also, you can make mini savings funds for different things like a car envelope where you put $20 in the envelope each paycheck.  It all adds up overtime. 
[] Track your spending so you know where everything goes and you can quickly see what can be cut back. 
[] Embrace the idea that less is more and you don't need tons of "stuff" to make you happy. Try embracing events rather than items.  A concert will leave great memories behind, for example. 

//Start Living[]Create a Bucket List.  I have a 30 Before 30 List.  It doesn't have to be crazy or anything but just things you'd like to get done in life, like take a vacation somewhere, learn to meditate, spend more time with friends, etc. 

[] Learn to meditate.  You don't have to do anything formal, just learn to sit and clear your mind.  You know when you catch yourself staring at something and zoning out?  Well, start doing that more often, intentionally.   Lay on your bed in silence and just stare at the ceiling and try to keep your mind calm.  When a thought comes through imagine yourself just waving it away. 
[] Practice Random Acts of Kindness. Not only are these good karma, but it makes the world a better place.  Pay for the person's coffee behind you in line, leave a 100% tip on your next bill, shovel someones driveway that you know struggles to do it on their own. Don't be afraid to share your random acts of kindness on social media either, it often helps motivate others to do the same!
[] Be more positive and less critical.  Look at the good in each situation.  So what, your alarm didn't go off but hey you got an extra hour of sleep.  
[] Work on keeping an open mind and let things go. Instead of getting all worked up in a traffic jam, realize that it is completely beyond your control, so just take advantage of the extra time to phone a friend and chat, or jam out to a song on the radio. 

//Get Organized
[] Make a list of different rooms to purge and dedicate a day or evening to each one (bedroom, bathroom, Kitchen).
[] Make 3 piles every time you purge - Keep, pitch, donate.
[] Get an agenda and write down all of the daily tasks you need to do as well as planning for down time and fitness.
[] Embrace minimalism when you purge books, DVDs, CDs, and clothing. Not only will your home look better with clearer spaces but you won't feel so overwhelmed with all that stuff. 
[] Keep things in clear plastic bins with labels on them.  This way, you can see where things are and what they are.  It's also easier to store plastic bins, even tiny ones, when you are putting them in a closet.  
[] Arrange your closet in an organized fashion.  Use small thing velvet hangers and enforce the One in One out rule.  You can only put a new item in if you are willing to get rid of something old. 

I hope you have a fantastic New Years and make sure you share some of the things you want to work on in 2015 below!

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