My No Good, Super Bad, Very Crappy (Literally!) Sunday

Monday, December 1, 2014

Sunday started off just like any other day.   I woke up and showered (hadn't washed my hair since Thursday!) and then was heading into the basement to get something out of my storage bins.   As I grabbed what I needed, I heard the toilet glug glug glugging and looked over to see...well... a big crappy mess EVERYWHERE.

I won't bore you with the shitty (lol) details but the guy from the township that came out to look at it said he'd be coming back Monday morning to help us out when the other guys with the right tools were around.   We were very grateful but there was only one problem... we couldn't use the drains.  Yep, that means no flushing.   Sooo I ended up spending my entire day, night, and Monday morning peeing in a bucket.  I kept it classy though, I put some toilet bowl cleaner and water in it so it was basically a portapotty. UGH.

So I'm upstairs in my bedroom in my depressed state, minding my own business, watching Bad Girls Club on my Macbook pro... then...

I spill my effin glass of water onto my laptop.  I picked it up right away and I even had the keyboard cover on.   Then after about 5 seconds it shut down. It hasn't turned back on since.   This is seriously the 6th time something shitty has happened to this laptop this year. I think I'm cursed.   So I hope it dries out.  

All I could do was lay depressingly in my room, with the occassional pee-in-a-bucket break.  

Plumbing should be fixed today. Now the laptop..that's another story. GRRR.

Have you ever spilled water on your Macbook Pro? What happened?!

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  1. Omg, i just start reading this post with a glass of water in my glass is 7m from my laptop ahhaah :D Thanks for saving my laptop, we (me and my laptop) love you now :)

  2. Ohhhh no you poor thing! You have every right to be irritated! Hoping the plumbing is fixed by now but I must say, you ARE resilient!!
    I have never spilled water on a laptop (don't have the Macbook Pro), but I HAVE spilled coffee and I am sorry to say that mine never came back. I was lucky because I had bought a 2nd one just to have on hand should something like that happen!

  3. Anytime you get water on electronics put it in a bag of rice. It will draw up the moisture. Not a guarantee it will still work but worth a shot!

  4. I spilled water on my laptop a month ago. It wouldn't turn on at first for the whole night, BUT I turned it upside down and put it front of a fan for two days, and it's worked fine since.


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