5 Ways to Stay Post-Holiday Happy

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

This time of year is so joyful.  Everywhere you go people, places, and things are so festive. But what happens after it comes to complete and sudden halt the day after Christmas? The blues start creeping up and you go through post-holiday blah!   So here are some ways to keep yourself happy post-holiday.

[1] Be Productive
Now's a good time to start making a list of stuff that you need to get done. Whether it's nagging tasks that you've put off for weeks (purging your closet, washing the floors,etc.) or it's the normal stuff like packing the decorations away, make a list of things to do so that you keep busy.  This is also a great time to do things that get your house and life in order for the new year.

[2] Start Resolutions Early
So you want to work out more? Well start immediately after Christmas so you not only get a head start but you also keep yourself occupied.

[3] Pamper Yourself
Take the week after Christmas to enjoy some good old ME time.  Use the spa gift card you got as a gift, or schedule a mani/pedi and a massage.  The rest of the world seems to slow down and take off work around this time so it's not like you're missing much!

[4] Prepare for Winter
If you haven't already, get out your winter wardrobe and put your warm weather clothing into storage.  Make sure your home and care are prepared for the weather by doing little things like cleaning vents, checking filters, etc.  

[5] Keep Celebrating
Instead of letting yourself feel blue, celebrate all great things in your life like friends and family. Make a list of all the people you want to spend time with and spend the next few weeks arranging a date with each of them!

What ways can you think of?

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