Be A Smart Shopper: Tips for Efficient Holiday Shopping

Monday, December 1, 2014

Does this sound familiar?  You are all ready to go shopping, you get to the store and then you feel really hot from your bulky sweater and jacket, your handbag feels like 100 pounds on your shoulder, and you feel lightheaded because you're starving.   Yea, I get like that too.  So this year when you are running around doing your holiday shopping, keep some of these tips in mind. 

[1] Bring Water
Whether you keep it in your car, or bring a bottle with you, staying hydrated will help you feel better during your trip and after.  Most of us break into a sweat when we are rushing around the mall and trying on a billion different outfits, so keep the H2O near you.  If you don't want to bring a water bottle, hit up the fountain that's likely located near the restrooms or cafeteria.  

[2] Dress Lightly
It might be cold in your car, but by the time you get into the store you won't want to lug around your huge puffer jacket.  Dress lighter or leave your jacket in the car when going on shopping trips.  Also make sure what you're wearing is easy to slip in and out of if you need to try clothing on.  

[3] Pack a Smaller Handbag
I like to bring along a crossbody bag when I go on a big shopping trip.  I only bring the essentials like my phone, money, lipgloss, and keys.  My regular purse is enormous and not only does it weight a lot but it makes it difficult to fit through the narrow-ass path in between clothing displays. You'll thank me later. 

[4] Bring Snacks
It's always a wise idea to keep some snacks like nuts, pretzels, or a protein bar in the car so if you need a break to re-energize you can do so quickly and without spending money on the vending machines or mall restaurants.  

[5]  Organize Your Plan of Attack
A list is your best friend when shopping.  Keep all your coupons together and write down what you need and where you plan to get it from, this way you skip unnecessary distractions like the candle store whose scent draws you in on your way to the sports store for your hubby.  This is also a perfect way to plan out the order you'll shop in and how much time you can allow for each store.  It may sound like a lot of work to preplan but I promise if you spend 30 minutes ahead of time planning it all out, you'll have a more organized and efficient shopping trip. 

Which of these are you excited to put into action!? 

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