How To Ace Your Job Interview

Monday, December 8, 2014

Hopefully you used my tips for how to get a job, and you are in the process of interviewing.   Whether it's a promotion in your company or a totally new job, you need to stand out to the people who interview you.   Think it's okay to just go, answer their questions, and then wait for a call?   Well if you do, that's probably why you didn't get the call.    

Here's what you need to keep in mind to ace an interview. 

[1] Smile and Eye Contact
It's important to have a steady smile during your interview.  I don't mean a shit-eating grin, but just a little bit of an upward curve.  When you smile, it automatically puts others in a better mood and they will remember the mood they were in when they interviewed you.   Keep your eye contact, although it may be hard.   When you feel awkward making eye contact, blink and glance (just your eyes) to the side, as if you are thinking, then keep looking at the person you are interviewing with. 

[2] Do Your Research
If you are able to read up on the job description beforehand, make sure you think of ways to include that in your answers.   For instance, they may ask you how you would deal with  presenting to a large group, you can say in your response "I saw in the job description to be familiar with Powerpoint, and I would create a powerpoint presentation....etc, etc, etc. " 

If there isn't a job description then just try to read up on the company so you are familiar with what they do.  If it sounds like you know nothing about them and you just want any job, you are less likely to stand out in their mind. 

[3] Dress to Impress
I wrote about some outfit ideas for a job interview, but  just remember the main rules.  Nothing low cut, nothing too short, and no ridiculously high heels.  You can't go wrong with a pant suit, I promise!  Also, don't overdo the eye makeup. 

[4] Be Enthusiastic
Nothing is worse than a ho-hum candidate for a job.  Spice things up and be enthusiastic. Laugh at their jokes, smile often, and nod your head once in a while.  Don't be monotone and lame. 

[5] Send a Thank You
This is so important and so many people don't do this.   By simply sending a HANDWRITTEN thank you note after your interview, you will not only stick out to the potential employer, but it shows you took the time and effort to do so and it makes you look very serious about landing the job.  DON'T FORGET THE THANK YOU!!!  Seriously, I know cases where it was a make or break for the candidate! 

What other tips can you think of? 

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