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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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As a blogger, I can be very flexible when it comes to where I blog from.  Sometimes it's my desk, sometimes it's my bed, and sometimes it's the floor.  Either way, when I don't properly set up my "desk on the go" aka my laptop it can be a disaster.  Like the one time I dropped it or the time I spilled water on the keyboard!! 

So the LapDesk is now a necessity in my home.  With a LapDesk I can sit comfortably with my laptop on the flat surface and not have to deal with painful heat from the bottom of my Macbook.  

I have the Deluxe Notebook LapDesk and I love it! It's go a non-slip grip so my Macbook won't slide around and great wrist support.  There are even 2 zippered side pockets and a built-in carry handle.  I seriously love this LapDesk! And the lap cushion is so comfy!

So now if I need to move around to different areas of the house I just pick up my LapDesk by the handle and I go! 

It's so lightweight to carry around and it's great in the car!  I love that it's big enough to hold my cell phone, iPad, and Laptop so I can keep everything together!! This is one of those products that you NEED because you can literally lay on your ass in bed ALL day and still get stuff done on the computer!

And one lucky winner will get a LapDesk of their own! 

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