Even My SnugglePuppies Need SnugglePuppies Sometimes

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

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I love cuddling with my pups. It's my favorite past time.  But espeically in the winter, they can get cold and lonely.  Rocky loves cuddling and sometimes I just need to get my work done so I have to put him in my bed.  He normally wants to cuddle up with a shirt of mine, but now he can cuddle up with a SnugglePuppy!

That's right! SnugglePuppies (and SnuggleKitties) are from Snuggle Pet Products and are great for new puppies or kittens as well a older and rescue animals.  They significantly reduce separation anxiety, fear of car rides, thunder, and other loud noises.   Rocky is so afraid of thunderstorms so this has been a life saver!  

Each SnugglePuppy has a real feel pulsing heartbeat that can last up to 2 weeks with AAA batteries and everyday use.  It's easy to slip into the velcro pouch and it's very soothing to Rocky.
There's also a disposable warmer that provides heat and can be placed into the pouch.   This is so amazing.  Rocky can now stay calm on a stormy night and I can get some sleep without being woken up by him scratching and crawling onto my neck.   He even snuggles inside his bed with his SnugglePuppy. 

This is such an amazing product and it's used by shelters for animals that need the comfort.  I highly suggest getting one for your pets or even as a gift for someone whose dog or cat struggles with anxiety at certain times!


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  1. This truly is a great product and I think it is very beneficial, especially for newly brought home puppies. I actually have this brand's harness for Gemma to help with her anxiety.



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