A Fresh Cage with CareFresh Small Animal Bedding

Saturday, December 6, 2014

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Not only do I adore my 4 dogs but I also have a pet rat.  And she lives in my room and her cage can get stinky if I don't use the right stuff.

This is Hoodie.  She loves to crawl around on me and interact with people.  But she also loves to sleep and make a little nest for herself to stay warm during the day when my room gets cold and no one's home.  That's why I use CareFresh Small Animal Bedding.  A lot of people assume it's okay to use stuff like pine chips but it's not because that stuff is super bad for a rat's respiratory system.

CareFresh is eco-friendly and made in the USA.  It even has an Odor Stop baking soda formula for odor control and it does a great job at absorbing liquids like urine. 

It's not dusty and it actually promotoes natural burrowing and nesting behaviors so it keeps Hoodie occupied when i'ts time to build her sleeping pile! I love this stuff.  And I can go 2 weeks until I need to change it and refresh her bedding.

What do you use for your small critters?

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  1. We have a pet rat too that looks just like yours called Marzi I love the look of this stuff for her must see if they supply it here.

    1. Awwww i love my ratty girl shes the best!!! let me know if you find out that they do supply it in ur area!


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