4 Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Father's day is June 17th so you still have some time to get the perfect gift.  But after all these years, I struggle to find something that's fun and different but still practical.  So I decided to put together a few unique ideas.  

All You Can Eat Crabs/Wings
Dads love food and they love it even more when there is no limit so look for specials in your local restaurants for all you can eat crab or chicken wings.  A lot of times breweries and vineyards will have these types of events too.  You can either do it around Father's Day or just gift him the tickets to go at a later time that works for the both of you.

Steak Delivery
Yep, that's right, you can use a variety of online services to order steaks for your dad.  They can come as just steaks or even with the sides he would want with his meal and you can choose all different quantities.  Omaha Steaks has plenty of fun packages to choose from that you can either have delivered to your home and have your dad over for dinner or just have it sent to him to eat at his leisure. 

Sports Game Tickets
If your dad loves sports, gift him the experience of attending a game in the future with you.  Even if you aren't a fan of sports but he is, it will mean a lot to him that you go along.  Sometimes you can even splurge and get deluxe seating or a ticket for unlimited beer and buffet!

Drive Experiences
There are plenty of places in almost every big city nearby that allow you a chance to ride in a fancy sports car.  Some places even let you drive them in a closed course.  If your dad loves cars then this is probably a good gift idea for him! If it's a place that isn't local consider taking a weekend trip with him!

These aren't the most unique ideas but they are different than a tie and a card, that's for sure!

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