How To Grow Your Snapchat

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Ahh Snapchat.  If you know it then you probably either love it or have no clue how to use it.  If you don't know it then let me school you a bit.

Before Facebook stories and Instastories there was Snapchat.  Snapchat lets you take videos and post them to your own feed or chat directly with someone.  Originally the snaps had to be only 10-15 seconds but now they can go much much longer.  They have really cool filters and overlays as well as a maps feature so you can see where your friends are.  I didn't use Snapchat at first and then last year I caved.  I realized that for someone that likes entertaining people it's perfect!  Some people post their daily life on Snapchat which is sort of what I do but I also do funny rants and film silly moments in my life. 

So here are a few basic tips to help grow your Snapchat channel.

If you want people to follow you, you need to tell them to.  Share the FOLLOW ME image from Snapchat settings on all social media channels on a regular basis, asking people to follow you and telling them what kind of content they can expect.  Type out your username as well.  You can also promote your Snapchat by telling folks to follow you in order to see what happened.  Sometimes if I have a hilarious conversation with my husband, I post on social media that if people want to see it, they have to follow me on Snapchat. It usually works.

Set a Theme
Decide the stuff you want to post and keep it light.  Don't do any huge sensitive topic debates, inappropriate rants, etc.  Know your audience.  My audience varies but the majority can handle a little cursing from me.  My theme is me using hilarious filters to pretend I'm a made up person, doing Friday Rants where I bitch about stuff that most people can relate to, silly videos of my dogs, and quick stories of embarrassing moments that happen to me throughout the day. 

Interact with Others
When people follow you, follow them back.  If they respond to a video of yours, acknowledge their response and say something back.  Watch their videos and respond to them.  You need to interact with people or they won't want to follow you.  

Share Relatable Content
People love to see stuff on social media where they can think "OMG I totally get that!".  Share things you know people can relate to.   You know, things like "that awkward moment where you put on two different socks and don't realize it until you're at work" with a photo of your mismatched socks.  Trust me this is what keeps people coming back. Nonstop snaps of your face aren't really relatable sorry.

Also, if you have Snapchat make sure you follow me! My SC name is ELLENR886! I promise it's worth your while!

You can also screen shot or take a photograph of my code and then follow me that way.

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