Stella's A Therapy Dog Now Too!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Yes, that's right - Stella is now a therapy dog for KPETS just like her sister Pixie!!  I figured it will help with doing visits when Pixie isn't feeling up to it but also in the case where a visit is a better fit for Stella.  Pixie can be kind of antsy some times so it's harder for her to sit still during a visit and some visits could be with children reading books to dogs and there's no way Pixie would stay still for that!

Stella went to her group evaluation where they observed her basic behavior and interaction with me and she passed with flying colors! She's so laid back, calm, and sweet that it's no surprise she's totally cut out for therapy dog work.  

We then had to visit evaluations where we go on a monitored visit and they approve (or don't approve) how Stella was with actual people.  Of course she did great. She's like a little ragdoll and is just happy to sit there and keep people company. 

Of course we celebrated her success. She got a delicious meal of CANIDAE Grain-Free PURE Petite Chicken and Peas from Chewy!  It's important that I feed Stella foods now that will fuel her for her work as a therapy dog. 

This food has chicken, turkey, chicken liver, and peas and comes in a yummy broth that Stella slurped right up.  And I love that it comes in a singles-serving cup so I know she's getting the appropriate serving. 

I love this food for a dog with teeth like Stella's because they are tiny and sometimes hard food can be tough for her to chew.  Even if I just mix this delicious broth in with her hard kibble, it soaks in and makes it much easier for her to chew.   I also love that there are real wholesome ingredients so I know she's getting adequate nutrition.

I always keep her active too so she doesn't gain too much weight.  She needs to stay in tip top shape if she wants to be a successful working girl!

Check back next month where I let you know how her first month as a therapy dog is going!


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