Cleaning Outside My Home with Mean Green Super Strength

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

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Winter was spent cleaning the inside of my home top to bottom and Spring was spent purging and organizing.  But now that Summer is digging it's heels in, it's time for me to show off how I cleaned the outside of my home.  We have several outdoor living spaces now since we have a patio, a garden bed area, AND a screened in porch so there was lots to do.  Not to mention we have a garage that my husband is always in so we like to keep that area nice and clean as well. 

For cleaning outside the house my go to product is Mean Green Super Strength Cleaner & Degreaser.  It's a strong multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser that can cut through grease and grime on most surfaces.  It's great because even though it's super powerful it can still work on delicate surfaces like fabric but also a surface as tough as concrete.  I can use it inside the home too (and I have) but it's definitely the star product for outside the house. 
A nice clean swipe where Mean Green annihilated the pollen, dirt, and grime from an entire Winter and Spring season

Patio Furniture || Patio furniture gets DISGUSTING especially with all the pollen in the air from Spring.  I use Mean Green Super Strength on a nearly weekly basis to scrub down the patio chairs and the table.  If we're going to be eating and drinking off that table I can't have pollen everywhere getting on my food.

It's also great for spot cleaning stains that randomly appear (thanks a lot dogs!) on the patio furniture cushions. 

Under the Hood of My Car || In addition to the Mean Green Auto & Garage to do the initial degunking of the grime and grease in my engine bay, I do a weekly cleaning with Mean Green Super Strength.  I just spray it on a microfiber cloth and get any dirt off the plastic parts under the hood. 

I know most people probably don't care about how it looks underneath their hood but I do because when James works on stuff on my car, it's cleaner for him to maneuver his fingers around without getting covered it oil and grease.

Vinyl Fencing || So we got this beautiful vinyl privacy fence to go with our patio that will be completed this month and it's white, which means it will get dirty and we will need to keep up with cleaning it.   While we will pressure wash using Auto & Garage, I like to spot clean it with Mean Green Super Strength.  It's great for bird droppings, random overspray dirt that comes from hosing off the chairs of concrete, and just overall dirt and pollen from the air.

Storm Door || The storm door is white so of course that means dirt and grime gets stuck easily and shows very obviously.   It's super easy to just give it a quick wipe down with Mean Green Super Strength and then it looks brand new!  

Keeping the outside of my home clean and attractive is just as important to me as the inside and that's why I'm so glad I have a versatile cleaning product like Mean Green Super Strength as well as Mean Green Auto & Garage.

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