Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean When You Have Pets

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

When you’re a mom, keeping your home clean can seem like an impossible feat. You may feel like you’re constantly picking up and trying to keep things clean, especially if this is a big priority for you. Even when the entire family pitches in on cleaning, it’s still a big job. Adding a dog or pet to that can make things even more challenging.

When you’re a dog or pet owner, your four-legged friends might have a habit of making huge messes, plus there tend to be ongoing problems like fur and odors.

So is it possible to have a home that’s kid and pet-friendly, but is also clean and well-maintained?

The answer is yes, with tips like the ones below.

Make Sure Your Dog Gets Plenty of Exercise

The more exercise you can make sure your dog gets outside, the less likely you are to see accidents and destruction happening in the house. For example, if you’ve ever gone to work for the day and you’ve come home to find your dog has destroyed the sofa, it may be because your dog was feeling anxious and wanting to get outside.

If you are busy during the day or you’re away from home, there are dog walking services that can be extremely beneficial. For example, according to Wag! Walking service, some of the benefits include an activity report after each walk. This will help you prevent a lot of the biggest messes your dog might make throughout the day when you’re not around.

Keep Your Pets Clean

Once you have a plan in place to keep your pet happy and well-exercised during the day, it becomes more about maintenance to keep a clean and simultaneously pet-friendly home.

Keeping your pet clean can help your entire home stay cleaner. You want to rinse your dog off with plain water on a regular basis and find a place in your home where you can contain your damp dog until he or she dries. Occasionally, you’ll also want to do a full bath with dog shampoo.

Many dog breeds also require regular trimming and de-shedding, which will mean visits to the groomer. You can also brush your dog daily outdoors to keep some of the extra hair at bay that might otherwise end up on your floors and furniture.

Along with cleaning your pets, make sure you’re regularly cleaning the places they lie. In particular, don’t forget to wash your pet beds. Make sure you choose options that are washable, and you might wash them as often as weekly because they hold odor.

Invest in a Great Vacuum

When you’re a family with pets, having a high-quality vacuum cleaner is a must. You want a vacuum cleaner specifically designed to pick up pet hair, dander, and allergens. Some of the features to look for include very strong suction, a good brush that pulls the hair off with some force, and also a good filter.

Ideally, you might want a versatile vacuum that can go across all floor types, and you need to make sure you’re regularly cleaning your filter. If your filter gets clogged, it’s going to spread the smell of your pet throughout your home.

Before vacuuming, sprinkling baking soda on the carpets and rugs can help eliminate odors.

Along with a traditional vacuum, some pet owners have found that having a robotic vacuum is a great option for them. A robotic vacuum can be programmed and can continuously work on keeping up the pet hair and dander and maintaining clean floors. A robotic vacuum isn’t going to do all the work, but it can help you house stay cleaner in between regular vacuuming and mopping sessions.

Organize Your Home’s Entrance

Dogs and pets in general can track in quite a bit when they come in the door after playing outside or being taken for a walk. Try to optimize your entrance to keep as much of the mess contained there as possible.

For example, you should have one container where you put all of your dog’s supplies, so they’re not being dragged everywhere. It can also be a good idea to use grooming wipes, and keep them in the entranceway. Grooming wipes can help eliminate odors and allergens from your dog’s fur.

There are also mats that are specifically designed to soak up dirt, mud, and water from pet’s paws.

Finally, you’ll want to keep odors at bay at all time. There are different options from essential oil diffusers, to the use of activated charcoal products that absorb bad odors.

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