Tips for Staying Cool at Summer Weddings

Monday, June 18, 2018

Summer weddings are great! They're outside, there's great scenery for photos, and the lighting is always great even at night.  But if you're a guest to a summer wedding and you aren't prepared for the heat then you can really be miserable.

So today I have a few tips for you to follow when you're attending weddings this summer so you can stay cool, comfortable, and enjoy your time.

Wear Light Colors (but not white!)
If you wear a black dress or a dark blue dress you are going to regret it once the sun starts beating down on you. Dark colors attract the sunshine and you'll start to feel really overheated.  You can wear white if there's a pattern on it (floral is always nice for a wedding), or stick to pastel colors.  But seriously do NOT wear an all white dress or you are committing a major faux pas!  

Go Sleeveless
If at all possible, opt for a dress that has very short sleeves or none at all.  If you're concerned about getting a chill later in the evening or if the reception is inside, just bring a cardigan along. 

Hair Up
Since you may be sweating, your hairstyle can get ruined as it gets stuck to your neck and back so it's always a good idea to wear your hair up for an outdoor wedding especially in the hot months.  If you wear it down, bring along hair ties so you can put it up once you start dancing the night away.

Body Wipes and Mini Deodorant
You know that adorable little clutch you are planning to wear to the wedding? Well, load it up with some body wipes, powder to touch up your facial makeup, and a mini stick of deodorant so you can reapply in the bathroom and ensure you smell fresh all night long. Weddings and receptions can span an entire half a day so it's ALWAYS a good idea to freshen up halfway through.

Open Shoes
Most people complain that if their feet are hot, the rest of their body begins to overheat.  So wear open toed shoes or sandals.  Even flats and pumps that cover your toes can get hot and stuffy and start to stink.

How do you handle weddings in the summer heat?

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