Books I Recommend You Read [June]

Monday, June 25, 2018

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Our Kind of Cruelty by Araminta Hall
It was nearly impossible to put this book down.  It's told through the point of view of a man that is pursuing his lover (or is she), and they are playing a sick game of cat and mouse (at least through his eyes).  They play a game they call Crave where when they go out, she allows men to flirt with her, gives a signal, and he swoops in and takes her home.  Well, she moves on and he is insistent that it's part of the game, just on a bigger scale so he keeps pursuing her and when someone ends up dead the truth begins to come out as they go to trial.  Of course, the book still leaves you wondering what was really going on.

All the Beautiful Lies by Peter Swanson
This book was AMAZING! It's told then and now, two points of view in time and it's about a few characters both young and old that are having some very inappropriate sexual relationships.  Harry's dad ends up dead and he suspects his step mom Alice as the culprit at first, meanwhile she's coming on to him hard.  We also learn about Alice as a child and the inappropriate relationship she had with HER step dad.  As the mystery unfolds to who may be responsible you see how it's a vicious circle of patterns.

The House Swap by Rebecca Fleet
Shoooo boy this was full of scandal and twists.  It's told in the future and the past so that everything makes sense by the end.   A woman and her husband agree to a fun house swap for a week but things start to get scary and uncomfortable when it seems the person staying in her house is someone that has a vendetta against her and it also intertwines with a former affair that ended years ago but she's again still feeling the wrath.

Sweet Black Waves by Kristina Perez
This was a really cool tale about forbidden romance and family drama and an awesome character, Branwen, who is devoted to her land but also hates the raiders that killer her parents.  Unfortunately she begins to fall in love with the enemy and she's torn with what to do. She's such a bad ass but it's also very interesting to see her struggle. I loved this book! It's the first in a trilogy which means I can eagerly await more!

How Hard Can It Be? by Allison Pearson
I feel like we can all relate to the main character Kate, because honestly, how the hell is it possible for her to balance the dramas of her marriage, a career, social life, and the drama of her children.  Apparently, pretty hard! This is such a relatable book about how Kate deals with it all, managing to laugh at times but also make me grateful that my life may be just a tad bit easier. Loved this book!

Tell Me Lies by Carola Lovering
This was an amazing and relatable story of two people that keep finding themselves with each other despite other relationships and their other life situations.  As much as they fight to try to make things work, things just won't stick.  Carola Lovering did an amazing job in painting a picture of a love story that just isn't meant to work out!

Manifesting Me by Leah Reinhart
This was a really cool memoir about a girl's life as she grows up around an interesting group of people and faces her fears.  She experiences cults, domestic violence, substance abuse and is miraculously able to learn great things from all of it.  She changes herself over the course of her life and it's amazing to read how she did it.

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