Simple Tips for a Stress Free Vacation

Friday, June 8, 2018

Tis the season for vacations and extended weekend getaways and for most of us that means time to relax in the sun.  But for some of us, vacations can end up  being very stressful not just before but during and after.  So today I put together some very simple but super important tips that should help your vacation go smoothly and make the transition to and from vacation much more easy.  

Make A Packing List
Seriously I can't believe how many people DON'T do this.  A packing list is a surefire way to NOT forget anything important.  Run through your trip on a day to day basis like what you will want to wear, where you will go, what daily routine you will keep up (hair, makeup, etc.) and that should help you compile all the items and pieces of clothing you will need.  Type or write a list so that you can cross stuff off as you pack it.  Think of everything even emergency situations where you might need something you didn't pack like extra underwear, first aid supplies, or spare sunglasses. The whole act of making a list usually helps people feel less anxious about packing since you get your brain organized instead of just letting all the random things you "need to remember to pack" float around in your head.

Plan Your Outfits
This goes hand in hand with packing.  Look at what the weather will be like and the places you are planning to visit then dress accordingly.  It makes it easier to pack enough clothing so that you have different options too. 

Plan Meals
If you are going to eat out every day that's fine but some people like to bring stuff along so make sure you plan out your packed meals and any extra snacks.  Then try to plan out where and what you'll be eating on what days when it comes to eating at restaurants.  Don't be afraid to make reservations either so you're guaranteed a spot and your vacay goes as planned.

Schedule an Extra Day Off
Some people don't do this and I notice they are super frazzled when they come back to the office the day after their vacation.  They didn't have any time to decompress. When I travel I always take an extra day off for after I get home so I can unpack, run any errands for the upcoming week, and decompress and readjust to my normal routine.  It makes such a difference on my first day back at work.  Whenever I don't do that I often feel run down and sometimes I even get sick. 

Stick to a Budget
Figure out how much money you want to spend then use those amounts to determine what activities you'll do and how much money will be used on each event.  This also helps you decide whether you should eat out for every meal or plan a few nights in where you cook so that you can save money.  Also knowing how much you have to spend keeps your shopping in check.  If you don't have money allocated to go clothing shopping - DON'T DO IT! Sticking to a budget will help alleviate that constant nagging anxiety where you ask yourself "Crap, how much have I spent so far?".

Plan Activities and Down Time
Vacations are supposed to be relaxing and scheduling your activities and plans will help them go more smoothly.  You'll have an idea of timing and schedules and if you decide to not do something you planned on, that's okay too because it just means you'll have more down time. Do a little research on what activities are available in the area you'll be and make reservations or other plans so that everything goes smoothly and on time.

Notify Police and Neighbors
You should always let your local police know when you'll be away.  They can come and do daily perimeter checks around your house making sure no one entered while you were gone.  It's also a good idea to have a trustworthy neighbor aware that you'll be away so they can keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.  Always ask a neighbor to bring in the mail and newspaper so it's not obvious you're away.  And it doesn't hurt to ask them to do a walk through in your house every other day just to make sure nothing happened like a leak, etc.

With these simple but important tips in mind your vacation plans should go off without a hitch!

Do you have anything you MUST do before or during a vacation to keep it stress free?



  1. Clean your home before you leave. The last thing you want to do after a vacation is come home to a messy home and have to clean it.

  2. For me, the best way to stress free during vacation is that I am free of debt. I could perform best if I do not have debts that kept bothering me.


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