6 Practical Facial Skincare Tips for Summer

Monday, June 11, 2018

Summer is here and while it's nice that you can do more things outside of the house, it can really take a toll on your skin.  Different seasons call for different skincare advice since you're battling different amounts of humidity and different activity.   So check out these 6 practical skincare tips for your face and keep that glowing face of yours beautiful and healthy all summer long.

I know it's the most commonly spouted bit of advice but there's a reason for that.  Not only can unprotected skin get burnt to a crisp, but it can increase your chance of skin cancer, wrinkles, and sun spots.  This doesn't mean you can't enjoy being outdoors, just be smart.  Even when I lay out for 15 minutes on a random Saturday, I am covered in sunscreen especially on my face.  Even if you have makeup on that says it has an SPF, it may not be enough. Be smart and just apply sunscreen! There's even special formulas that work with difficult skin on the face that prevents breakouts.

If you don't think drinking water is important for your face, just google what a dehydrated persons face looks like.  It's always important to drink several glasses of water each day especially if you're outside in the sun or doing physical activity that makes you sweat.  Remember that sweat is water leaving your body so you need to replenish it.  A hydrated face has a nice complexion, fewer breakouts, and a nice glow!

If you are going to be out in the blazing sun with little to no shade around you, consider wearing a sun hat.  You know those gorgeous big beige hats that are actually pretty fashionable? Well, not only will you look pretty but you'll protect your head from sunburn and sweating profusely. 

Sunglasses are a fashionable way to prevent squinting and sun damage.  Both of those things can cause wrinkles and fine lines so why would you want to be walking around struggling to see?  Look for sunglasses that block out enough light that you can still drive safely without being bothered by reflections off of car windows around you. Again, this is another way to be fashionable and sun smart.  

In the winter, washing your face too much can actually dry it out but in the summer you're sweating a lot more and your pores can get clogged.  If you notice your face is extra greasy and oily or that you're getting more breakouts, consider washing it twice a day.  For me, my skin is still dry in the morning so I just rinse it and blot it dry with a towel.  But in the evening after I remove my makeup with special oil-based remover wipes, I do a thorough cleansing and scrub all of the debris off my face so that it can't clog my pores and cause breakouts.

Some people think that since you sweat more in the summer you don't have to moisturize your face as much.  That's not true at all.  Especially if you've been in the sun, your skin needs to be hydrated with a good moisturizer that won't clog your pores.  Every time you use a cleanser on your face you should always moisturize afterwards since cleansers usually leave your skin dry.

What do you do in the summer to take extra good care of your face?

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  1. Oooh these are all good tips! Sunscreen is something I am very religious about, since I burn so easily!
    -Kate // http://www.classyandkate.com/how-i-keep-my-skin-healthy-in-the-summer/


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