The Benefits of ShapeOn Shapewear

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

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Today we are going to talk about ShapeOn Shapewear because I think if there's one thing every woman needs to own it is most certainly shapewear. I absolutely adore my ShapeOn Shaper and I wear it A LOT.   You'll never know though because it's so discreet! This 16 point Shaper has smart-knit technology that gives you comfort in the stomach area with no awkward compression that feels like you're being squeezed.  It's also great because it's a thin fabric that's very breathable and it has advanced body sculpting effects.   It stays in place without rolling too and it's great to wear in the summer heat.  So here are a few more details about some of the benefits of the ShapeOn Shaper

More Wardrobe Options
You know that dress or top you never wear because it shows your gut or belly rolls? Well, you can wear it now! One of the most upsetting things for me with my wardrobe is when I feel like I can't wear certain favorite pieces because they aren't very flattering.  With the Shaper everything is flattering!  It has awesome non-rolling bands on the top and bottom so you can wear it under a dress without having to constantly adjust it. 

Remember though, the Shaper isn't just limited to dresses.  You can wear it with anything you want even jeans and a top.  Below I'm wearing it with simple yoga capris and a tank top.  Oh and there's an opening in the groin area so that you don't have to pull the Shaper down everything you go to the bathroom.  That makes it SUPER convenient because I hear a lot of women complain that when they wear shapewear it's a huge ordeal to go to the bathroom.

Body Confidence
When you look good you feel good and you have a more positive attitude.  I am in such a better mood these days because I know I look awesome in my clothing every day.  I don't have to feel flustered and stressed because I am having a bloated morning and I know that my outfit looks good on me no matter what I'm wearing. When I'm feeling body confident I give it my all when it comes to work, exercise, and my everyday interactions with people.   It's amazing what a magical piece of fabric can do for your overall outlook on daily life.

Whenever I get caught in a random photo when I'm out with friends, I don't stress about if my gut is sticking out or if I "look fat" and that is a huge relief for me. 

Less Obsessing
This kind of goes hand in hand with body confidence but you won't have to worry about sucking in every time you pose for a photo.   Or if you are talking to your new love interest you don't have to constantly wonder if your stomach is sticking out too much.  Plus, this is also discreet and thin and you won't have to worry about someone noticing.  You can't see the shapewear through clothing and it's not big and bulky like wearing one of those girdles!  I don't even feel that I have it on anymore! 

You seriously need the ShapeOn Shaper in your life ladies! You can get it on Amazon and major retailers across the country!!  

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