7 Summer DIY Projects To Do Now

Wednesday, June 3, 2020


Image by AI Leino from Pixabay 

It's June, and the weather is showing that summer has begun, which means it is the perfect time to make the most of the excellent weather and to tackle some jobs around the home, inside and out. Not only will your home look great for the summer, but you'll thank yourself for doing it now once autumn comes around.

Exterior Paintwork

When the weather is dry and sunny, it is perfect for doing any exterior paint jobs you have as there is less chance of rain ruining your handy work and a much quicker dry time. When painting masonry or metal work such as garden gates or railings, you'll need a wire brush to remove old paint flakes first, and it's a good idea to get plenty of sanding blocks and a variety of brushes.

Inspect the roof

You may as well do this now as when it comes to roofing problems, a small amount of damage is easy to repair and won't cost you much, however, if you leave it, it can become costly if the problem gets worse - which it is likely to in the winter.

Clean your windows

When the sunshine is gleaming in, you're more likely to notice If your exterior and interior glass is looking streaky and dusty. In this lovely weather, grab a bucket of soapy water, a sponge and a squeegee and get that glass gleaming and streak-free.

Clean your gutters

Over the winter, your gutters will likely have amassed a great deal of debris. If you don't clear them now before the autumn comes along, there'll be even more falling leaves, which can cause blockages and you may find your gutters overflowing with water. To stop this from happening, while you're doing jobs around the house, grab some ladders and start cleaning out the guttering now.

Get into the garden

As many gardens get neglected over the winter months, there might be a lot to sort out. Make sure you give your garden a good clear out, ready for spending more time in it. Water any plants you have and plant some new ones and take advantage of the excellent weather. Make your garden look beautiful, so it's somewhere you want to spend your time this summer.

Trim hedges

It's important that you don't let hedges and shrubs get out of control. If they get too much, then trimming them becomes much harder to do. Keep on top of this by investing in some quality manual pruners, secateurs, or electric hedge cutters, which will save you from booking a gardener or a week off work!

Indoor tiling and decorating.

You might think it's best to do any tiling and decorating over the winter months when you're stuck inside the house more often, however now that you can leave the windows and doors open, it is the best time to do it as adhesives and paint will dry quicker. The fresh air will disperse any strong odors. The light is good too, and the days are longer, so you can get more done.

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