How To Budget Like A Boss

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Everyone seems to cringe when the topic of budgeting comes up, but I'm here to tell you that when you are on a budget, you feel like a straight up boss. You know where your money goes each month because you give it a specific job.  When you budget, you know what you have saved for a specific goal and when you can reach that goal.  Being on a budget doesn't have anything to do with being broke but everything to do with being in control.

So here's how to budget like a boss.

Create a Budget

You can use my post on how to budget to evaluate your expenses from the last few months and decide what categories you need in your monthly budget and how much goes in each.  Remember to think of all possible categories you spend money in during the course of a year, even if it's just oil changes for your vehicle.

Get Fancy
You can create an actual budget on the computer or use paper but make sure you keep it neat and tidy and beautiful so you enjoy using it.  Use different colors in a spreadsheet and use highlighters and colored markers on paper.  It's always easier to keep up with something if it's enjoyable to look at.

Get Fun
So now you get to make a cash spending system and you can be super baller with this one.  Get a wallet for your cash envelopes and bling it out.  If you love arts and crafts, now is your time to shine.  I can assure you that when you whip it out at the store, people will ask you where it's from.  It still happens to me all these years later. 

Prioritize Budgeting
No matter how tempting things can be, you have to boss it up and stick to your budget.  No matter what chaos ensues, you must absolutely rework your budget to the best of your abilities so you can stay on it.   

Help Others
When people ask you how you did it, tell them! Help them become a boss at budgeting just like you did.  Explain how there are certain expenses they need to think of that they may originally have left out and how setting money aside in those categories helps to eliminate the surprise of the emergency expense.  Help them make their own cash spending system and let them look at yours for inspiration.

Do you have a budget?  Does it make you feel like a boss?

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  1. I try my best to budget.


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