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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Oh the holidays....they can really throw you off your game with your finances, can't they.   What's odd is that we have literally an entire year before the holidays come, yet we still seem SO unprepared.  What gives? Well, a little organization would likely help that.  

So here's how to handle the holidays with your finances. 

Make a list...and check it twice.

You need a plan for your money so you should absolutely create a list of gift ideas and how much money you plan to spend on each person.  Image Here.
Write here. 

Get the FREE printable Christmas budget worksheet here! 

This will help you stick to your limit with money and with shopping.  

Have a holiday fund. 
So what I do is I use my ibotta rewards, my Amazon affiliate money, and any credit card cash back to fund my gift account in my bank.  I usually have plenty for Christmas when the time comes and it's so nice to not have to stress out about how you'll come up with money for gifts. 

Limit your shopping trips. 
Shopping is full of temptation. So either try to order online, or do everything all in one day by making a list of where you're going and in what order.  STICK TO YOUR LIST and YOUR BUDGET! 

Shop by budget, not by gift. 
When you think of what you can afford, you divide that amongst your gift recipients. Don't just think of gifts first then decide on how you'll afford it... it never works out that way.   If you know someone wants something that is out of your budget, consider giving them a gift card towards it with part of the amount. 

Remember the best gifts are often free. 
You can perhaps craft something you are good at, regift something you've never used, or even give a gift of service like a certificate for you to wash someone's car, cook them dinner, etc.  Not everything has a price. 

Are you ready for Christmas with your current budget habits? 

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  1. So going to have to use these print out.


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