Friday Favorites

Friday, April 20, 2012

Here are some Friday Favorites to sum up my week:

1. The My Fitness Pal App
If you don't have it you should get it.  it's a great way to keep track of calories and weight loss and it basically runs my life now in an easy way.  I log what I eat, and it tells me what I have left. If I want to be able to eat a higher calorie meal later than I have to do some physical activity to burn calories so I do, and I log it.  It's great! If you get it, look for me: ellenr886.  You can access it on your phone or on their website.

2. Organizing a Closet with Dollar Tree baskets
If you go to the Dollar Tree or any other store like that, you can pick up little bins and baskets in the storage aisle that oyu can use to put towels, washclothes, etc. in to organize your linen closet. I am doing a lot of organizing this weekend so I will have lots of posts and pictures next week!

3. Guess Handbags
I'm looking for a new one over the next couple of weeks.  Probably won't buy it, but I like to look! I just love the styles and embellishments on Guess bags!

Happy Friday!

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