4 Popular Pet Peeves for Guys in Relationships (From Actual Guys!)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

That's right... I asked real guys that I know to give me some of their biggest pet peeves when it comes to relationships and women. 


Guys aren't as expressive as women are so when they are talking, they really want to get their thought out and be heard.   It's frustrating when they can't fully vent to you or explain their side of a situation because they keep getting cut off.

How you can stop doing this:
 Shhhh, LISTEN.   Just listen.....  even if you already know what he's going to say or you already want to counter a point he justmade, just be quiet and listen and then take a deep breath before you begin to speak.


They know they admire photos of supermodels in magazines, but that doesn't mean they want to date one.   Face it, we fall for people because we were attracted to them and seeing a blemish on someone's face in a photo isn't going to make anyone instantly disgusted and repulsed by you.  Men love a girl that isn't afraid to show her confidence with a yoga pants, no makeup, non-instagram editted photo that they get in their text messages. 

How you can Stop doing this: 
Stop trying to hide every little imperfection! Remember, after you meet someone you will always recognize their face and see it simply as THEM!   No guy ever sits there and says, "Hmm her one piece of hair is out of place, and she needs to fix her eye liner on her one eye."  


It makes them feel like you aren't over your ex, and that you are always trying to compare them to a "higher standard".   A guy wants to be liked for who he is and what he can bring to the table.  

How you stop doing this:
Just take a deep breath when you want to mention an ex or something from the past.  Treat it as a red flashing light and before you go to send the message from your brain to your mouth, STOP.   Just be quiet.    If you can, nicely reword something like, "Well, I've always been the one to do dishes in my life, so it would be nice if I could share that with you so it's not always solely my responsibility." Don't say: "well, Chris washed the dishes and all my other boyfriends washed their own dishes, so you should wash yours!"


Because cooking in the beginning just to impress someone when you really hate cooking is totally fake and it's deceiving.   

How You Can Stop Doing This:
If you don't love dogs, and would rather not be around them, make sure you don't ever tell a guy that you love dogs.... be honest and explain you like them but don't want to own one.    Be up front about who you are.  Besides, if someone doesn't like you for who you are, why would you want to be with them anyways! 

Next week I'll post what the ladies I asked had to say about THEIR pet peeves with men!  

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