Husky Liners WeatherBeater Floor Liners Review

Monday, August 26, 2013

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 I have always looked at my car as an investment so I take pride in always keeping up to date with the maintenance and service, as well as keeping the interior in clean crisp condition.   Husky Liners understands how much the interior of my car means to me and that's why they offer a fantastic line of products for your automotive needs.  They have cargo liners, front and back seat floor liners, heavy duty floor mats, mud guards, tailgates, under seat storage boxes, protection films, and more! 

Their liners are custom fit for your specific vehicle and come in different colors to match your interior.   Floor Liners are such a great idea for all different lifestyles of the people driving cars.  If you have a job where you get super dirty, it's okay if you track dirt and mud into your car because these liners are easy to remove and clean.   If you love being outdoors and camping and hiking, it's okay if your dirty camping gear is in your trunk, because the protective liner ensures your carpeted area stays clean!

I received a full set of WeatherBeater Floor Liners from Husky Liners.   I chose grey to match my car and I even got a trunk liner!

 My trunk looks so much nicer with this floor liner, plus it's much easier to clean it by simply wiping it down or hosing it off.   And I no longer have to worry about liquid spills from groceries!

 It looks so much nicer in the back with the floor liner plus I can toss stuff onto the floor when I am getting in my car in the parking lot of a store and I don't have to worry about anything spilling onto the floor!

And the front seats look great because the liner fits perfect. I can still access all the necessary buttons and levers in my Civic! These were so easy to put in and so easy to remove for cleaning purposes!  

WeatherBeater Floor Liners are great because they have an appealing design and they are durable.   There are little nubs on the bottom that help hold them in place.  They cover the floor completely so you can enter and exit your car more easily. They also use the latest in laser scanning technology to fit your specific vehicles floorboard.   They are made of a durable material that  can withstand even the most harmful of chemicals including oil, gas, and battery acid!

They also come with a lifetime guarantee against cracking and breaking!

Whether you want your car to look great for your own use, or you plan to sell it someday, keep it in the best shape as possible by protecting the floors with Husky Liners!

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  1. There has been a whole market driving in favor of auto-decor industry.Out of all car's interior accessories,floor mats and floor liners makes a great impact over the minds of its riders.


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