5 Reasons You Don't (DO) Need a Budget

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I've written about how I stay on a budget and it's important to know that a budget doesn't mean that you can't manage money or won't be allowed to spend it.  A budget is simply controlling and tracking where your money goes so you efficiently and effictively spend or save each dollar.  

Below are 5 major reasons that some of my Facebook friends gave me for why they don't need a budget. And below each reason is why they still may need one.

1. I have a lot of money and I don't need one.
Well, just because someone's on a budget doesn't mean they do or don't have money. Wealth is a state of mind.   Wealthy people still track their money.  In fact, wealthy people don't have less stress when they have more money, but they have less stress because they know where all their money goes. REMEMBER: Budget does not mean LIMIT SPENDING... it means TRACKING SPENDING!!!

2. I'm too lazy.
The more you put this off and procrastinate, the worse it'll be if a crisis ever happens, and by crisis I mean life.  We all have had those moments where life is derailed for a bit and we lose track of our daily and weekly schedule and routine, even with money!

3. I don't have the time to budget.
You don't have the time NOT to budget!  It literally will take a few hours or  a couple days to just do the work.  And once you do it, it's done and the only thing you'll ever have to do is maintenance and updates here and there! 

4. I'm scared to see what my situation really is.

Okay...and once you see, you can make the adjustments then and there on paper or on your database, and see how your situation ISN'T so bad.  It's never as bad as you imagine if you aren't already tracking it.  Just trust me on this one!

5. My current "Method" works fine.

That's fine if it does, but then you should never ever have a situation come up where you don't have any money to put towards an emergency that arises.   That's why I also say that by budgeting for unexpected expenses you will always have money put aside in an emergency fund, a mini savings fun for your car, your home, and whatever else you need to save for.  A healthy budget always allows room for some emergencies.   Besides... your current "method" can already be your budget, you just call it something besides the B word!

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What reason do you have for NOT needing a budget? 

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  1. As someone who has not budgeted, but probably should, your reasons to budget seem to be on point - ugh, but I'm so scared to see where it's going! ;)


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