Bucket List Item: Embracing Minimalism

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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I got to cross another thing off my Bucket List recently!  I have embraced minimalism!  Before you start shaking your head, let me explain that minimalism doesn’t mean having nothing except, like 4 items in your home…it means making more with less.   Do I really need all the stuff I have?   No!  After having to move several times over the past couple of years, it really put in to perspective how much crap I had that I didn’t need or use.

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Here are some ways I began to embrace minimalism.
I sold my dvds and my dvd rack.  I didn’t even watch them all and some were unopened from when I bought them on sale.  

I haven’t bought any new clothing and I got rid of the excess of what I already had.   I used ebay to sell handbags and shoes and some nice clothing items I had barely worn (if at all).  I also cut down on the amount of duplicates I had with, for example, black tshirts….do I really need 5? No, so I got rid of the 3 rattiest ones and kept 2.

I got rid of a ton of silly knick knacks that had been taking up storage space.  Instead I have a tiny keepsake box now.

And here is what I plan to do in the future with being more of a minimalist.

Go through my storage bins and purge.
Not buy any books in physical form unless I will use them as reference. (I have a kindle)
Not buy excess jewelry or home d├ęcor items unless I absolutely need them.

I love how spacious and open my room looks now with less.   It really made me feel good about myself and it helps me keep a clearer mind!

 photo Newsig_zps7e5a1ccf.png

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