My Getaway at Bear Creek Mountain Resort

Friday, August 9, 2013

This past weekend I got the chance to get away for a night with my boyfriend and head about an hour and a half from Harrisburg, to check out Bear Creek Mountain Resort.  This resort is located in Berks County, Pennsylvania and offers skiing, snowboarding, and snowtubing in the winter.  In the summer, spring, and fall bear Creek Mountain Resort offers hiking, biking, boating, disc golf, tennis, and a nearby golf course.   They also offer a ballroom facility for weddings and other celebrations.

The drive was very quick and the directions from their website were extremely easy to follow.  I really enjoyed the scenic backroads as we got closer to the entrance.   


When we arrived and checked in at the hotel, we headed straight for our room and were so pleased to see the beautiful modern look mixed with a touch of wilderness as soon as you look out the window! 

 Our deluxe queen suite had a living area with a TV, coffee table, and plenty of seating.   It was nice and spacious to relax in and watch some Shark Week!

 There was also a dining area and a kitchen which had a mini fridge, a microwave, a coffee maker, a sink, and some storage space. 
 The bedroom had 2 queen beds and another TV.  
 There was a very nice bathroom with a vanity room next to it.  This is the vanity area, and I spared you the toilet pictures of the actual bathROOM. There was also a hair dryer as well as an in room safe.
 And THIS was our view!
 The garden areas were so pretty and relaxing and the little path was a nice way to walk around to get to different areas of the resort. 

 Our room was on the slope side so if you look up in the above photo, you can see the ski left and the bottom part of the slope that everyone uses in the winter!

Bear Creek Mountain Resort offers some beautiful scenery as well as some outdoor activities for the whole family.   They had some paddle boats and kayaks available to take out.  We had dinner reservations at 5:15 PM (Wait till I get to THAT part!) so we had some spare time to leisurely stroll around the Resort outside so I could get some photos. 

 Their lake in the rear of the resort was very nice and relaxing.  We saw several frogs and fish.  

 James absolutely loved checking out the wildlife around the lake.  Any guy would be happy to do so!

 As you can see, we were both in a great mood and had genuine smiles in this pic! 
 Here's a photo of a teeny tiny friend we made.... a little frog!
 There were a few other little ponds and wildlife areas where it was nice to stroll through just to take in the scenery and kill some time.  
 Their larger lake with fountains is the one that had the paddleboats and kayaks docked.  If you purchase a Mountain Activity Pass you can easily partake in those activities as well as Disc Golf and Tennis! We were content just walking around and going out on the dock to enjoy the view.

 Once again, great backgrounds for photos and a nice area for a quiet weekend getaway with a best friend, family members, or loved one!

 There's disc golf!!!  Get your Mountain Activity Pass so you can play when you are at Bear Creek Mountain Resort!
Pretty geese!!!   After our stroll, it was time to go eat...

The Grille at Bear Creek
We had reservations at 5:15 pm at The Grille at Bear Creek, but lucky for us, the resort isn't as crazy as it is in the winter, so it was nice and crowd-free anyways.   We got seated by the window and had a fabulous view.    Their menu was amazing! 
 James decided on the Grouper Sandwich with fries, which he said were the most amazing fries ever.  They were crisp but not burnt on the outside, and inside were so soft.  The Grouper Sandwich was delicious and a very generous size!
 I decided on angel hair pasta with shrimp.  It was so delicious.  I ended up eating my leftovers before bed too!   There was a delicious brandied shrimp cream over this and the taste was just perfect!
 Here was my caesar salad with a beautiful view!  

Hiking Trails, Tennis, & The Spa
 After dinner, we decided to relax inside before taking a stroll around the rest of the facilities.

   Above, is a photo of the hotel from the outside. 
 You can practice some putting moves if you wish while you enjoy your stay here. 
 Here's a gorgeous shot of the walking path with the slope in the background!

 I thought this was a pretty photo. This one flowering bush had butterflies all over it!
 Here's a great shot of the outside of  Trail's End Cafe which offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner items from sandwiches to pizza.   We actually had an "American Breakfast" from their breakfast menu when we woke up and it was delicious.  The staff were so friendly and the food was perfect!  

There's also a spa located near the jacuzzi and outdoor pool (And there's an indoor pool too).  The spa offers plenty of hair, nail, and body treatments and massage options and they also run special very often.  This is a great option for any women you bring along on your stay that may not want to partake in the activities everyone else does. 

 My boyfriend and I decided to stroll around and see some trails. There's actually over 7 miles of trails for hiking and biking at the resort.  The trails were clearly marked and maps are available at the check in desk. 

 The lighted tennis courts near the trails are HUGE!  

After exploring outside, we wanted to head back and do something fun just with the two of us since we rarely get to have drinks alone or even just chit chat with each other and joke around.  

Of course I ordered a vodka cranberry or two  at the bar at The Grille restaurant.  James had a couple beers and we enjoyed chit chatting with the friendly bartender.  The atmosphere was so nice with big tv screen everywhere, a fireplace, couches, and plenty of places to gather in a group and talk and laugh about your day. 

After we finished our drinks we decided to go upstairs and head to bed after watching some TV.  It truly was such a relaxing evening. 

And in the morning...this was our beautiful view!!!!   I slept great on the super comfy beds and I was so thrilled to have a healthy breakfast in the morning.  

Overall, I am so glad that I got to see what Bear Creek Mountain Resort was like.  I don't really do any winter sports or activities but during the spring, fall, and summer I love nature but not always in a camping every week sort of way.  This was a great way to get some beautiful scenery, quiet down time, and spend some quality time with my handsome boyfriend.  We both REALLY needed this getaway, especially because of our current living situations, we hardly ever get alone time without family members around, or doing activities with family members, so it was really nice to just be with each other and savor the moment.   We didn't even really care about checking email that often.  If you are ever in the Pennsylvania area and want to look for a nice quiet fun-filled getaway near the woods, definitely check out Bear Creek Mountain Resort! 

 photo Newsig_zps7e5a1ccf.png

Bear Creek Mountain Resort provided me with a one night stay at their resort.  All other expenses were paid by my self.  All opinions are honest and my own. Read my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. Your Bear Creek photos are awesome! We love Bear Creek...we recently had a family wedding reception there.


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