Moonlight Cruise on The Pride of the Susquehanna Riverboat Recap

Friday, August 2, 2013

This past weekend I got to spend a night out on the river with friends on The Pride of the Susquehanna for their Moonlight Cruise!  It was basically a 3 hour party, where the boat is docked from 10-12 and you can eat some food, order drinks, and enjoy a live band, which was Cruise Control! They were really great!

From 12-1 the boat takes off and cruises around on the Susquehanna River! The whole entire time you are free to sit inside, sit outside, look at the water, order from the bar, or even enjoy the little dance floor area they made in front of the band by clearing the chairs and tables out of the way! 

Even though it had rained earlier in the day and evening, it finally cleared up and had stopped just in time for the cruise!   I loved the drinks, which came in large sizes and were so delicious.  I got my usual Vodka Cranberry as well as a Captain's First Mate (I think that's what it was called) which is a specialty drink.  I ordered honey glazed sausage which was made right away and brought right out to me.  It was delicious!

The band played many covers of classic songs that I've always enjoyed that are perfect for a cruise atmosphere!  It was honestly a really nice and relaxing time and it's a better way to spend a Saturday night than it would be going to a bar and having to deal with all that hassle!   I highly recommend this cruise to anyone that likes a relaxed party scene on a Saturday night!

Oh and be sure to check back Monday when I run a giveaway for August's cruise!
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  1. I am so bummed that I couldn't make it! I really wanted to go, but it just wasn't going to happen with my schedule. I hope to go at some point in the future though. Fingers crossed!


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