If I Could Give You One Blog Post of Advice for the Future...THIS WOULD BE IT

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lately,  I was thinking...  of how much I always enjoyed the Baz Luhrmann song "Everybody's free to wear sunscreen" where he basically gives an amazing package of advice for the future. And of course, as an advice blogger, it hits home to me to be able to put all the best advice you can think of into one five minute summary and hope that people listen to it, trust it, and share it.    

Personally, if you want an impact from this blog post... take 10 minutes... watch the below video. Absorb it. And then read the rest of my blog post. 

That  speech was made in 1999 and since times have changed a bit.. I figured I would write my own version.... based on the format and style he used... but I am including some things that may affect people currently that weren't even in existence back then....  I hope you enjoy.  I hope you share, and I hope you at least try to keep these in mind for your future. 

Ladies and Gentlemen of the class of 2014.... Exercise....

If I could give you one key to a better life and to help get through the rough patches... ... exercise 
would be 

Walk, run, jump, stretch, lift. 
 Some of the long term benefits of exercise have been scientifically proven to improve your mental health, and support your health and well being.  Where the rest of my advice has no basis than my own realistic experience....

I promise that if you take this to heart and absorb it in your head... it WILL improve your life. 

I will dispense this advice

Slow down and enjoy the little things while you're young. 
But you won't...
you won't enjoy the little things until you look back and realize that you missed them.

In 10 years, you'll look back at parts of your life that were so simple and easy...
and you'll see how much time you wasted thinking they were hard and wishing the days away.

You are not as pale as you imagine.


Don't worry about the future... or if you do, 
just remember that 
worrying is 
pointless & fictional
 and if you make decisions based on worrying and fear, you'll 9 times out of 10 regret them. 

You can't help the decisions that other people will make, but you can help the obsession you have with worrying about them. 

S l o w     d o w n....

Don't day dream too far past the current year.... but plan things with people special to you, as far ahead as your mental datebook can go.

When you love, pretend it's the first time you love.
and love like you never have been hurt before.

Don't spend too much time on  Facebook. 

People will post better pictures than you
 celebrate milestones before you
and have better news than you do....
 but the only newsfeed you should worry about reading...

.....is  your own. 

If you need to feel loved and wanted by something other than yourself...get a dog.   
If you still need to feel loved and wanted by something other than yourself...get another dog.


even if you are alone, even if you are with someone... 
watch a sad movie, call your best friend, but
 do not hold emotions in
 it will only 
make you 

Don't let a cell phone rule your life.   Enjoy the outdoors, hang out with your neighbors, and meet new people through real life situations. 

At least one time in your life, pay for coffee for the person behind you in line.
Hug a soldier.

Even if you don't support war, even if you don't like the president...
Always thank those that do something to protect you. 

Send flowers to your grandparents 4 times a year.

Date as much as you want.  
 Learn from every dating experience that doesn't work out.  
And don't make the same mistake (mistake) twice.

You'll learn new words, new ways to express yourself, 
and your imagination at any age, will continue to grow.

Understand that money itself will not make you happy.
But working hard to make money and survive on a day to day basis is the key to life and will make you feel genuinely good inside.

Don't buy things just to have them.   Having less is more.

Go to college... (if you want)
or if you want to work after high school that's fine too...
It's your life so 
Whatever you do
make sure it's moving you forward to your future
 not holding you in one place.

It's okay to do whatever you have to in order to make yourself happy.

You can not please others until you are pleased with yourself!
If you think you do a good job at something, be pleased.   And only then will you notice how pleased others are with you. 

Make sure you are able to live with yourself....
We all come into this world 
 and we will all leave this world 
so make sure you can stand yourself the entire time.

Life can be cut short at any moment, so everyday write down or say out loud 
5 things you are grateful for that day.   

Smile at children.

Notice things in nature.  Enjoy sounds of water, wind, and thunderstorms.  These things are free and are simple.

Don't litter, because someday, you may be living amongst the trash you have left behind.

Make promises!!!!!!!!!!!
 Even if you can't keep them..... 
  It's a great way to set standards for yourself and teaches you responsibility.

Don't allow yourself to have any fair-weather friends.  
If they don't like you at your dark times, you don't need them in your light moments. 

no matter who it's to or how you do it.... embrace spiritualism and do what brings peace to you.

Don't tan....
it won't do anything for you except give you wrinkles and put you at risk for cancer.
  Use fake tanning creams or airbrush sprays, but don't pay money to lay in a bed of death.

Don't smoke. 
Fresh air is free to breathe and better for your health.

:-D Smile.

Remember what your parents tell you and thank them for their advice. 
Even if you don't believe it, I can assure you, in 10-20-30 years, you'll understand exactly why they said the things they did.  And you too may repeat them to your children someday. 
And if you don't thank them now, someday it may be too late.

Don't  blur the line between friends and lovers.  You can love someone and be their friend, but never exclude them from either side. 

Take lots of pictures.  
And back them up.   
Someday, the pictures you take, 
may be the
 only memories
left of special times in your life. 
the pictures you take,
may be the only memories left behind for those that love you.

Wear your seatbelt.... 
not only because it will save you, but because people will miss you if you are taken from them.

Use your turn signal.

Hold doors open for others.

Smile at old people.
They have been one Earth longer than you, and they are envious of the time you still have ahead of you.  
You will be in their spot some day.
Smiling at them thanks them for sharing their planet with you and lets them know that their are good people still to grow old in this world when they leave it.

Save your money.
 a little bit at a time.... 
but remember again, 
Money will not buy life.....  because your life can not be priced. 

Listen to the advice of other's because sometimes the best point of view is one that is not your own. 

Trust People.
no matter what!
 Until they give you a specific reason NOT to trust them. 
 Do this on an individual basis and never punish people for what someone else did to you in the past.

A real man takes care of his woman.  
A real woman stands by her man. 

Someday, if you ignore that fact, you will come back to this blog post and kick yourself in the head.     


Understand that changing yourself is necessary to grow as a person.  But never lose site of the GOOD QUALITIES you have and don't give in if someone wants you to change them.

Don't be afraid to say I love you.   
It boosts other people's moods and it makes you feel happy inside when you express that emotion.  

It scientifically is proven to boost your endorphins, improve your mood, and can give you (and whoever you cuddle with)  the same euphoric effect as a drug! 

Never fall asleep angry.   

Don't let grief turn into anger..... it will never go away.   I speak from experience.

Remember that funerals are not about the dead, but are a way to support the living and those left behind.   

Marriage is something that has nothing to do with flowers, dresses, prices of decorations, or a guest list. 

Marriage is a celebration of a higher level of commitment between two people.

Love knows no Gender....
or Color.

THINK before you act.   And think before you speak.  

Friends will come and go in your life and eventually fade away.   
But remember, everyday you have the opportunity to become close with new and different people. 

Stop dying your hair so much.   And stop painting a new face on in the mirror.   

Depression and anxiety are not a sign of weakness.
They are a sign of strength over years of troubling times.  
Once you are in your 20's you will endure so many things you can't even begin to fathom right now, and by the end of your 20's you'll be glad you sought out help along the way.

Embrace modern day medicine especially when it comes to your mental health.  
It's based off of what has worked since the beginning of time, but it's been tweaked and improved over the centuries. 

Learn to protect your OWN ass.
Take a self defense class,

learn karate,
and don't be afraid to protect yourself, even if you're unsure you are in real danger.

Even if you don't know what it is or how to do it...
Lock yourself in a small room, shut your eyes, and just SIT. 

And finally...

When people around you are going through a hard time..... reach out....  
Karma is real and it is good.... 
And trust me...the older you get, the more you need help from the people you've reached out and been there for in the past. 

You don't have to believe what I've told you above, but in 10 years you'll read it again and you'll cry.
You'll see.

 Because the advice was so easy to read, but you wouldn't believe it at the time.  And you will see how true it all is. 

Just trust me on the tanning though!

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  1. This is a great post! I love all of your tips here.

    I'd love you to link this post up (and any other inspiring posts) to my weekly Inspire Linkup - it happens every Monday.

    Just click on the link below to check out my blog :)

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  2. Ellen,

    Loved, loved, loved, loved, loved this. I don't really believe in Karma, but have to say, I'm in a health situation right now that many have been in before me. And so many who have survived have been such a blessing to me. I definitely want to "pay it forward" and got to do so today when I found out that a friend's Mom may be in the same situation as me.


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